Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Woman After My Own Heart

Well, spinsters, I made it back to Atlanta in one piece, and I even brought my new nightstand upstairs last night. Above is a photo in case you were wondering what random bedding I had put on my bed before I left Atlanta. That's Crazy Rich Asians on the bedside table, and I am loving it so much so far. However, I will wait to write a full review until I've actually finished it.

That lamp is from Sumter Lighting and Home. I went there this weekend, and I was blown away. I daresay that store is as well put together as any in which I shopped in Chelsea. The website really doesn't do it any justice.

Now, In case you were wondering if I got on the news about the flood, I did not. however, the woman in the below video pretty  much did everything I would have done - especially the part about the pizza. Well, and of course her dog. I hope this gets attuned soon. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spinstergram: Sumter County Fair

Well, in case you haven't heard, almost the whole of South Carolina is flooded. Before any of that happened, though, my mom and I went to the Sumter County Fair in the rain. We just wanted to see the quilts, crafts, and the art show, so we didn't actually have to be outside, but we had the whole place to ourselves, save the people working at the booths and exhibits. 

We saw some pretty impressive quilts, but I've chosen to show you one of the ceramic entries as today's main photo. That cat looks like it just smelled something, and I love it. 

In the art show, we saw some great student artwork, including this item by one of my high school art teacher's students. 

A photo posted by jonezee85 (@jonezee85) on
 I embedded it, and I think that's pretty fancy. 

In other news, I have tickets to see Amy Schumer and Aziz Ansari tonight in Atlanta, and there aren't enough emojis in the world to describe how sad and annoyed I am at this rain. Say a little prayer I can make it, guys. There's nothing a Spinster likes to laugh at more than a good ol' Amy Schumer rant about being single. And, of course, Aziz Ansari write Modern Romance, so... it's kind of necessary.

All right. Enjoy your Sunday. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Spinstergram: Inktober!

October on Instagram is Inktober! Below you'll find yesterday's image, but today's image is this happy little dog telling you it's Inktober. These two images are particularly appropriate for the Southeast right now because it is raining cats and dogs around here. 

My inks for these two are a sharpie pen and two shades of grey Copic marker. I hope your Saturday is excellent. Mine will be rainy, but I'm still going to see the art exhibit at the Sumter County Fair. Photos, of course, to follow. 

If you can't wait until tomorrow for photos, please follow my Spinstergram (@Jonezee85)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Spinster Food: I Made Dinner


One of the things about being a Spinster is that I am able to eat whatever I want for dinner every single night. I never have to plan a real, balanced meal. Therefore, I've made it to the ripe old age of thirty without having made dinner for more than, say, two or three people. Last night, though, I made dinner for seven.

I will admit that there were a couple dishes that I didn't make. I didn't want to risk it, so I had my dad pick up some fried chicken I'd ordered at the Piggly Wiggly. With that taken care of and my sister-in-law making a pretzel-jello salad, I wasn't left with too much of the hard stuff.

Above you'll see a photo of my very successful mashed potatoes. I used the Creamy Mashed Potatoes recipe my sister sent me on Pinterest, substituting red potatoes so I didn't have to peel,  as well as her EVOO Drizzled asparagus recipe.  Of course there was a salad, but that only required some chopping and grating. And then, I made Sister Schubert's Rolls because...why mess with perfection? I must say, I survived! And it was pretty good, if I do say so myself. 

While I cooked, though, I did have to ask my mom to do a centerpiece and table direction. Sorry, mom. So, here are some photos of more finished products!

Here's my Asparagus. It was so easy, and somehow I always think Asparagus is more sophisticated than green beans. I daresay it was delicious. 

fall-table-decoration, fall-table-centerpiece

And, I can't take credit for this, but my mom did make a beautiful table. I can, however, take credit for the placemats because I wove them at Penland School of Crafts. Everything else, though, is all my mom.

So, I think we had a successful dinner, and I am proud. I hope you'll try the recipes I linked herein because...they were delicious and easy enough for someone who rarely cooks.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. So, if you see her, please wish her a happy one. Tonight I will be cooking an actual dinner for seven people (yes, my Spinsterhood one who made it an odd number...unless we count Miranda) for the first time. I'm thirty years old, and somehow I haven't done this yet. 

So, wish me luck! I'm having  a little help from my sister in law, so it's not 100% on me. Thank goodness. But still...do wish me luck. I'll show you pictures tomorrow, no doubt. 

In the meantime, you can print out this coloring page and color it up for my mom. She likes pink and green, so maybe you can do some of the balloons in those colors. 

So, happy birthday to my mom! Though I know birthdays aren't really all about presents, I can't wait for her to open hers!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baskin Robbins, You Guys

Mom, don't read this post. Stop reading now. It is about your birthday, so please stop reading. Thank you.

Now, let's move on.

Admittedly the image above is not representative of Baskin Robbins, but it is an image from the new coloring book, and it includes cakes, so we're going to go with it.

Growing up, my dad would take us kids to get ice cream after Wednesday night church. Some times it was the Dairy Cream (note, not the Dairy Queen) near our house. Sadly, it is no longer in existence, but happily, it is now a Japanese takeaway place. So it's really a win-win. Baskin Robbins, though, was the answer more often than not. My dad loves ice cream, it must be genetic because I can't get enough.

Growing up, I think I was a rainbow sherbet girl, and I remember at lest once my sister getting an ice cream called gold medal ribbon. My brother? I believe if there was a licensed batman or spiderman flavor, that was what he got. In any case, it was always fun.

So, my mom said he wanted an ice cream cake for her birthday, and yesterday I called the ol' Baskin Robbins in Sumter. Firstly, it is clearly run by teenagers, and they did not have their business together. Secondly, they did not knowhow to put the phone on hold or mute, and I heard all their "this is not my job" conversations while I patiently waited for them to figure themselves out. It's going to take a  long time, kids. I'm at least ten years older than you are, and I'm still not finished, so just please take my order. Thank you.

Now, as strange as the service was, I did finally get my order in, though I will be stopping by to check on it this afternoon. I'm sure they got it all down, but this is a birthday, and you can't be too careful.

This morning I opened my computer to find the Baskin Robbins Cake Gallery still open on my screen. So, I decided to look at all their cakes, not just the birthday ones. They had some pretty cool stuff, so we need to talk about it below.

We'll start off mild and semi-classic. Look at this cake with baby cupcakes on top of it. You can choose any color combo you'd like, I believe, so maybe not blue and yellow? But still...mini cupcakes on top of an ice cream cake. How can you lose?

This next one - The Clown Cone Party Round - is kind of scary, but it's got scoops of ice cream on top. It's already an ice cream cake, but now you've got cones and clowns for that extra little crunch. Scary? Maybe scary good. 

If the clowns are too scary for you, this might be a better (and let's be honest - much cuter) option for you. You'll notice in the photo they've got the rainbow sherbet. And of course you've also noticed the mini ice cream cones. That's adorable. Because it's tiny. 

Ok, but this has got to be one of my favorites. It's a turkey ice cream cake. I cannot. I have no idea why I think this is so funny. It's obviously amazing, but why is it so funny to me? The world may never know. And you know what? I'm ok with that. 

What's that? A whole turkey of ice cream cake is too much for you? Well, fear not. You can always get just a turkey leg. Please tell me you're laughing out loud at your computer, too. 

To bring you down from that fit of laughter, I'll just inform youth Baskin Robbins apparently also does some really nice, really pretty cakes, too. Look at this one. Look at that Chocolate Fantasy. It even has some fancy chocolate art sticking out of that dollop of cream. 

I will say they didn't have the round panda cake I used to get for my birthdays. It was very upsetting. Bring it back, Baskin Robbins. 

All right, now that you have started your morning with some ice cream cake, I think we all know it's time you order one for lunch today. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

...And Getting Caught In The Rain

loungewear-coloring-page, adult-coloring-page
I'm not a big fan of coconut, so I assume I wouldn't be a fan of PiƱa Coladas. This morning, though, I discovered I'm also not a huge fan of getting caught in the rain.

Having listened to Rupert Holmes's "Escape" as many times as the next person, I always imagined getting caught in the rain to be fairly romantic. Two people could, you know, hold hands and run to a nearby covering or perhaps hold open newspapers over their heads. This morning, however, it was not so.

Miranda and I (the only couple I've been part of for quite some time), went on a walk this morning, and we got caught in the rain. At first it was just a mist, but by the time we were headed back (about an hour's walk away from my apartment, it started really coming down. It was raining so hard that I had to take my glasses off to see better...and I'm already pretty blind without my glasses. It was not romantic.

Oddly enough, the only thing running through my mind most of the time was the below Amy Winehouse song where she says "soaked to the soul." I think that was an apt depiction of how drenched I was when I got home.

The above coloring page is what I plan to wear until I actually feel dry from the shower I took about an hour ago.
Stay dry today!