Friday, August 28, 2015

See You Soon! (And A Coloring Page)

It's Friday! It's Friday, and I'm about to take a little blogging break. Fear not! I'll be back with lots of photos from my travels.

In the mean time, please enjoy this coloring book of one of Atlanta's most recognizable landmarks: The Vortex in Little Five Points. The line has always been too long for me to eat there when I stopped by, but I do quite enjoy the entrance.

And while I'm at it - this is a little hint about my next coloring book! Be on the lookout in the next couple of month.

See you soon!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Miranda's Neck

My spinsterhood allows me to dedicate a vast amount of thought to things other people might only notice in passing. One such thing is my baby dog Mirada's Neck. Miranda's neck is one of my favorite parts about her...well, other than her face, her cute little puppy rump, and her little paws. I pretty much love the whole dog. Well, not pretty much. I do love my whole dog. BUT one of the best parts is her neck. 

Why, you ask, do I love her neck? Well. She has this loose skin under her neck. Kind of like a waddle, except you can't always see it. It's not just dangling there. Sometimes when she sits up straight on the sofa  it looks like she has a double chin, but when she's just trotting about, you can't necessarily see it. But alas. This is one of the best places to pet Miranda. On that loose neck skin. It gives me cute aggression something fierce.

Enjoy your Thursday. You're welcome to spend a little extra time thinking about how weird spinsterhood can make a lady. #sorrynotsorry

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Paper Dolls and Commentary

Yes, yes. I know. It's another paper doll coloring page. However, I've somehow ceased to have lots of time to think of and make new illustrations. Hopefully I'll share one with you tomorrow.

Now for some sparkling commentary:

Last night I had two separate dreams where men wanted to date me. Then I woke up. Surprisingly, though, the fellow I informed of my wereraccoonhood has actually requested a coffee date tomorrow night. Perhaps he, too, is a mythical creature. By mythical creature I mean a man who meets my stringent requirements and is also willing to leave me alone about 90% of the time so that I can have my mandatory introvert recharge. My money's on 'no,' thought.

In the meantime, I will be having a queso dip date with Miranda's babysitter tonight. I say this to warn you ahead of time I will be out of town for nearly a week starting this Saturday. However, if you're planning to rob my apartment, you're out of luck. Miranda's babysitter is also staying at my apartment. So don't even think about it. She could murder you just with eye contact and snark.

Now, I'm off to pretend that I know how to prepare myself for a day of work. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday: More Paper Dolls

paper-dolls, adult-paper-dolls, adult-coloring-page, fashion-illustration-coloring-page
I just ate a bowl of Cinnamon Life and two double stuff Oreos. I'm obsessed with my dog, and last week, when a guy from Hinge asked what I get into on the weekend, I told him trash because I'm a wereraccoon. Stop being jealous of my life, guys. You have your own lives to live.

In case you missed it, I found this super weird/wonderful video on YouTube last night. enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Fun: Color Your Own Paper Dolls

paper-dolls, printables, adult-coloring-page, fashion-coloring-page

I must confess that today's post is very late because of my insatiable desire for sleep lately. I wake up early and then, a couple hours later I already need a nap. I've already had Mono twice, but it's been years. Let's hope it's not here again. 

Since it's monday, I won't tax your brain. I saw American Ultra this weekend, and it was quite entertaining. I feel like Jesse Eisenberg is good at choosing scripts. However, if language and/or violence bothers you, then this movie probably isn't for you.

Now, print out this page, color it in, and cut out some paper dolls! It should fit nicely on 11x17 paper. Enjoy!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Audible Spinstering: Quiet

When I was in New York the Sunday before my birthday, I got to spend some time with one of the loveliest people I know. Her name is Phoebe, and she's brilliant. She, like I, is also an introvert. So, when she recommended I read (or, in my case, listen to) Susan Cain's Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, I downloaded it pretty much immediately. 

Quiet is an exploration of the introvert mentally, emotionally, and even physically. I knew I needed down time, but there were so many other things Cain mentions in her writing with which I completely identify yet never knew had anything to do with my introversion. For example, did you know that introverts are actually physically more sensitive than extraverts? Our tastebuds are often more active, explaining why, for one thing, I don't like coffee. Cain also explains why I always think my dad is watching TV or listening to music at much too high a volume. He's an extravert, and I'm an introvert. 

I am so impressed by this book, I could say a lot more about it. However, at least of my sake, I really think you should read it yourself, cover to cover. If you don't know me but you have a job or ever deal with other human beings at all, just go pick up a copy. It's really mind-blowingly informative. 

Hooray for Friday! Add this book to your book club and read it over the weekend. Thanks.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Fun: Color Your Own Paper Doll!

Since my post on adult coloring books earlier this week, I found a bunch of coloring pages I made but never posted. Hooray for that! Today I'm sharing one of them for your Thursday enjoyment.

What we have here is a lovely paper doll you can color yourself and dress up in four different outfits (plus her swimwear if you color it that way.) Those are supposed to be sunglasses on her face, by the way. 

If you click on this image, you can save it. It's made to print on 11x17 paper, but I'm sure it'll do find on whatever size you use. The main point is to color the girl and the outfits, cut them out, and dress her up! 

Happy Thursday! I hope you enjoy your new paper doll!