Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Springtime Spinstering: Beach Towels

Now that Easter has come and gone, I'm thinking more and more about spinstering out beside the pool at my apartment. In fact, in my Easter Basket, the Easter Bunny left me a monogrammed beach towel. It is bright and soft and so enticing.

Today, in honor of the approaching fabulous weather and sunshine and vitamin D, I've picked a few selections from the fabulous world of online shopping for your perusing  pleasure!

Here we go:

1. Dot Beach Towel: Lands' End, $39

2. "Here Comes The Sun" Beach Towel: Citta Designs on Amazon, $69.90

3. Irregular Stripe Beach towel: Tommy Hilfiger, $19.90

4. Chevron Beach Towel: Target, $14.99

4. (2 - apparently I think there are two fours.) Linea Ice Lolly Beach Towel: House of Fraser, about $23.50

5. Floral Beach Towel: JcPenney, $30

6. Linea Neo Geo Blue Stripe Beach Towel: House of Fraser, about $23.50

7. Ombre Towel for Two: Target, $19.99

8. Vera Bradley Beach Towel: Zappos, $35

9. Ombre Jacquard Beach Towel: Horchow, $34.90

10. Sand Dollar Beach Towel: Bed Bath and Beyond, $14.99

Happy shopping, sunning, and spinstering!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spinster Thoughts: Weezer Choir

weezer-choir, weezer-sung-by-a-choir, choir-singing-weezer, lots-of-rivers-cuomos, rivers-cuomo
The first Weezer album I ever owned was 1996's Pinkerton. While the album is great and certainly deserves the critical acclaim it has received, I wouldn't necessarily call it Weezer for beginners. That distinction, I think everyone would agree, is their 1994 debut Album, Weezer, more commonly referred to as The Blue Album

I didn't acquire the blue album until I was in college, some ten years after the album debuted, and it remains my favorite of anything Weezer has ever done. Every song is just something fun and different with playful lyricism and a few intelligently placed bits of harmony though I daresay Weezer's vocals aren't necessarily always as melodious as some others. Of course, I think that's probably the point.

All this being said, on my way to South Carolina this past weekend, I found myself listening to Weezer's Blue Album for the umpteenth time and just singing my spinsterly little heart out alone in my jeep that is only five years older than the album itself. About the time I got to "Holiday," though I really started thinking about how excellent almost every single song on this album would be sung by a choir.

Now, before I go any further, I think it should be noted that I am not a musician, nor do I possess any particular musical knowledge or skill. I was, in keeping with my ultra-cool image (obviously) in jazz-madrigal choir for a year in high school. Try to contain your jealousy. Yes, it was very fun. However, the extent of my interest in choirs is actually something along the lines of just thoroughly enjoying choral performances as well as orchestras and marching bands. Now we can continue.

I posted these thoughts on Facebook and received quite a few affirmations that the Blue Album being sung by a choir was something that many a person would like to witness. So, of course I did some googling. A choir like this one at St. Paul's Cathedral was really what I had in mind, and I wasn't really able to find anything exactly like this. However, I did find a few really cool Weezer covers by choirs and a cappella groups online, and below you'll find some videos!

Here's a pretty cool version of "Say It Ain't So" by an a cappella group. 

This one is cool, but I feel like I would have liked it better if they had kept closer to the original tune...still cool, though.

I really like this group, Choir! Choir! Choir!. They're the closest thing to what I was really looking for, and they seem like they're all really fun people.

Another one by Choir! Choir! Choir! Pretty fun. Also, if you want to listen to more of their stuff, they're also on SoundCloud!

So, if any of my readers out there are both choral directors and Weezer fans, consider this, ok? My birthday is in August. I will accept a CD and/or a live performance. Thank you.

Monday, April 21, 2014

SC Spinstering: Grady's Furniture

Bishopville, South Carolina is home to such excellent people as The Button King, The Lizard Man, and Pearl Fryar. This weekend, though, I discovered it is also home to South Carolina legislator, Grady Brown. While Brown is an on-air radio personality and a barber in addition to his career in the South Carolina House, he also owns a gigantic furniture store that I was lucky enough to visit this weekend.

The furniture store is attached to the hair salon, and it's across from the Piggly Wiggly. Just in case you're trying to go.  When my mom and I drove up to the store, it was colder and rainier than it ought to have been on the day before Easter, but we hopped out of the car and scurried past a bunch of rain-covered vintage outdoor furniture into a fairly large room just packed with furniture. There were dressers and tables and chests and file cabinets all stacked willy nilly in the first room, but my mom warned me there was more. This wasn't even the beginning.There was, however, a sock inside one of the dresser drawers in that first room.

Past the first room, through an open doorway was the big room. This room was actually more like a warehouse, and it was brimming with furniture, most of which was chairs. The room had its fair share, however, of beds, desks, dressers, bedside tables, mattresses, and even a vintage Corvette. That's right. A Corvette. Se below the photo for proof.

I included here some photos of some of the objects I found in addition to the Corvette. This place was truly a treasure trove. There was literally everything from a sombrero to a book about Michigan to a Corvette.

This last image is of some of the prints and patterns that were in the furniture store. There was so much in this warehouse of a store, I thought I could only really show you in pictures. If you live in South Carolina and you're in need of some chairs, I think this is definitely the place to go. As you can see in the first photo strip, there are actually chairs for days. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Today's post will be short as I'm very busy going to church and then eating everything promptly afterward. I'm sure you understand. So, I just wanted to share some photos of the things that will be happening.

Firstly, my mom made gluten free chocolate cupcakes yesterday, and I helped by making the frosting. Then, I got to use the pastry tip to frost them like we were in a little bakery. Click on the image to view it larger. I am really proud. I will be eating at least five of them at lunch. Don't judge.

We also, yesterday, dyed some easter eggs, and I managed to spill almost all of the dye on the new marble counter tops. So...that happened. However, look at our excellent easter eggs!

All right. Now, have a happy Easter! Tomorrow I'm going to show you something that will get your organizational juices flowing. Get yourself ready.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Concerns about Lost: Legs

So, as you know, I've been watching a pretty good deal of Lost lately. Thus far, I'm still optimistic that the Malaysia flight is just some new plot by J.J. Abrams. I really just really want that to be the case.

But aside from my contribution to the search for the Malaysia flight passengers, I have a few concerns when it comes to Lost. I've only seen two seasons thus far, but I have so many questions that I don't think will ever be answered on the show. Below, I have listed five of the most pressing issues.

1. Beards: I feel like most guys only need a gentle nudge in the direction of facial hair to grow a beard even Gandalf would be proud of. This is why, when I watch this show and see that they've been on the island for over a month, I am perplexed. Why are there not more beards? I know this show started ten years ago, but I distinctly remember guys in college jumping at the chance to grow beards in the same year season two was aired. Yet, there are not beefy beards.

2. There's only one person who is really overweight. This, I don't think is indicative of the general flight population that I have thus far experienced. Just saying.

3. Hair: Out of all the people on the plane, it is hard for me to believe that no one besides Charlie dyed their hair. If they did dye their hair, they'd be getting serious roots by now, and Charlie's dye job is mysteriously stationary.

4. They certainly seemed to have had plenty of tarps on that airplane. That's all I can say about that one.

5. Almost none of the women wear shorts. Ok, this is really the most serious one for me. Most of the women wear full length jeans that actually somehow fit them perfectly. I know it's a TV show and all, but did they find their own luggage? Also, if I were trapped on an island warm enough for me to be wearing a tank top all the time, I think I'd take it upon myself to make some cutoffs out of my jeans. Now, I assume they're trying to avoid showing the women's undoubtedly hairy legs, but really, who cares? You're stranded on an island. Grow that leg hair and wear shorts.

Perhaps all these questions and concerns will be answered and/or addressed by the time I've watched season three, but something tells me the cutoffs will not make an appearance. Mostly, I think this is because cutoffs weren't really a big thing in 2004/2005. But still.

And don't you worry. Of course I'll have a lot more to say about this as I continue to Netflix my spinsterly little heart out.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spinster Dinner: Peanut Butter

When you're a spinster, sometimes you have a hard time shopping for groceries. Since you're not answering to anyone for what you buy, the likelihood that you'll wander through the grocery store buying only frozen pizza and fancy gelato is incredibly high. When you get home, it's no big deal because your'e not responsible for feeding anyone but yourself.

This past week I actually grocery shopped pretty well, but somehow when I looked in my fridge and freezer, nothing was appealing. So, last night, after completing a seven mile run (I know. Can you even believe that? I had to tell someone.), I came home and took a shower in hopes that I'd think of something I'd really like to eat while I was there in the think tank. However, nothing came to mind.

So, in my bathrobe, I started the remainder of my night with a glass of white grape juice and a few pieces of dove chocolate. Realizing I'd need more sustenance, though, I could think of nothing I'd like better than a few delicious spoonfuls of Jif Peanut Butter. I mean, sometimes that's really all that will hit the spot. And just like any spinster would, I indulged my craving on the sofa in front of a few episodes of Lost

This, my friends, is why it is good to be a spinster. Peanut butter for dinner is not even a problem. Also, this is what #myfriendsaremarried has to say about it.

So, get that jar of peanut butter out, girl. And if you're feeling especially inspired, make it some Nutella instead. You're single and  you do what you want.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spinster Love: White Grape Juice

glasses-of-juice, glass-of-juice, welch's-white-grape-juice
In a recent phone conversation with my dad, I was told that I come from a family of "people of extremes." I can't disagree that I'm a chip off the old block where obsessions are concerned. In fact, if it weren't for Netflix, I'm fairly sure I would be on TLC's My Strange Addiction for some weird behavior or other. Thankfully, though, Netflix, Buzzfeed, and the internet at large have me pretty much covered. That is, where entertaining myself is concerned.

While entertainment is where I manifest most of my obsessive and extreme behavior, I find that sometimes my consumption needs to take a more physical turn. By physical I mean eating. Chocolate  is, of course, always in the mix and will always be in my heart and belly, but drinking chocolate isn't as addictive as one might think. No, for my beverage of choice - one that can be had morning, noon or night without shame - I choose white grape juice.

Of course, red (or purple) grape juice is just fine, but functionally it's riskier than white grape juice. It stains. I also find it's quite a bit sweeter. Therefore, white grape juice is just far superior in most regards.

Without comparing white grape juice to other, lesser, grape juices, let's discuss its many virtues. Below you'll find the top five.

1. It doesn't stain, and when you eat the vast majority of your meals on furniture not traditionally categorized as "dining room furniture," this is really an important distinction.

2. It's sweet but not too sweet. I like to say it's both sweet and tart. This means you can still eat it with chocolate without wincing at the clashing tastes.

3. It has a nice viscosity. I know that wine drinkers like to talk about their drinks having "legs," and sometimes I think my white grape juice does have legs. Whether or not it does, however, is immaterial. White grape juice is the perfect texture for sipping without gulping, which means I'm likely to drink less at any given time.

4. It's a pretty color. I like how white grape juice is translucent and shows light well. It's kind of like drinking jewelry.

5. The jugs are reusable. Usually in South Carolina when you're charged with bringing the sweet tea to a party, you'll wash out a plastic gallon jug like the ones in which you would buy milk. However, when I was in New York, I found these particularly problematic as their tips aren't exactly airtight. The white grape juice jug is a perfect fix for this problem as it has a screw-on top, a much larger mouth than your standard milk jug, and it goes through the dishwasher well.

And that is why you should go have some white grape juice today. Personally, I prefer Welch's and think it's heads and tails above all others. But, if you find yourself questioning my judgment, I suggest you have your own white grape juice tasting at home.