Friday, November 28, 2014

#FAFATL in Sumter, SC!

So, as you may have guessed, I've com home for Thanksgiving, and I've done al I can not to eat the delicious puppy known as Miranda. So far she is still alive, and we can all be thankful for that. She was indeed the cutest puppy everywhere we went yesterday. But how could she not be?

Since I'm still home for this delicious holiday, I've decided to post a few #FAFATL magnets around Sumter, SC. So, if you happen to be in the area, and if you happen to follow me on Instagram, please do play along! I'll be posting them on my Instagram throughout the day. If you care to follow along, here is how it's done:

1. Check my Instagram throughout the day to see when I've posted a new item.

2. When one is posted, follow the visual clues in the image to see where it could be. This is even more fun i you know Sumter well.

3. Go get it!

4. Once you've gotten a magnet, take a photo of it, and post it to your Instagram, using the hashtag #FAFATL and tagging me (@Jonezee85)

5. Leave a comment on the photo I posted of the piece you've just gotten, saying you claimed it!

And that's it!

I hope any Sumterrites who read this are up for a little scavenger hunt today! Good luck! (And don't worry! Gift guides will be back tomorrow.)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gift Guide: For Your Grandmother

grandmother-gift-guide, gift-ideas-for-your-grandmother, gift-ideas-for-grandmothers, gifts-for-grandmothers
Shopping for your grandmother can be a real task. She's lived two generations longer than you have, so she's had plenty of time to accumulate lots of stuff. So what do you get a woman who probably actually has absolutely everything? I have a few suggestions.

          Chances are, your grandmother already has a robe. But how old is it? And is it as cozy as this one?

2. Aerie Scuffs: $24.95, Aerie
          I know, Aerie is generally for younger ladies, but I'm telling you from personal experience, these slippers are super comfy. Perfect for some granny feet. 

          Any of the frames on Zenni Optical can be made into prescription sunglasses. Now, all you need to do is contact your grandmother's eye doctor and get her prescription. Super cute sunglasses are just a few clicks away. 

         If your grandmother has Diabetes, perhaps she'd like some of this specialty lotion. They've certainly been talking about it on TV a lot lately. I had no idea dry skin was a big issue for diabetic people. The more you know. 

          Because your grandmother needs to refill that cut glass candy dish sometime. 

          I have a grandmother who would have absolutely eaten this up when I was younger. My guess is that yours would, too. 

          Get your grandmother in on the tortoise shell trend with these easy-to-wear clip on earrings...because she doesn't have pierced ears. 

          This is the perfect gift for a grandmother (or mother) who has lots of people to occupy her locket. Now she doesn't have to put a group shot in there!

          Sometimes when you have coasters printed online, you have to use the same picture on all of them. With these, though, you can just slip the photo you want in there. Voila! A little variety!

          Keep those matching track suits fresh with this lavender perfumed sachet!

Ok, now that we've got this solved, next item to tackle is your grandfather. I'm going to need to think on this one. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gift Guide: For The Crafter

crafters-gift-guide, gift-ideas-for-crafters, craft-supplies, diy-gift-ideas
After yesterday's post on the Indie Craft Experience, I decided I needed to make a gift guide for the crafter on your list. Of course there are specific supplies for specific crafts, but today's guide holds a few general items a creative person might enjoy. The items on this list range from $0.65 all the way to $165, but I think there's probably something great on this list for just about any crafter. So, let's get started!

1. The Spinsterhood Diaries Coloring Book: $5.35, Lulu
          In case you don't follow me on Instagram, I figured I'd let you know about a little something I put together this year for the Holiday Season. Inside The Spinsterhood Diaries coloring book are a bunch of the illustrations from this blog, all devoid of their color and ready for your crayons, markers, or colored pencils! My friend Sara owns a copy, and I am incredibly flattered. At $5.35, I feel like this is a fun gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your list who needs a little stress relief or just likes to color!

2. Washi of the Month Club (3 month subscription): $20, Lobster Bisque Vintage on Etsy
          Washi tape is a fun way to add things to your sketchbook, scrapbook, wrap gifts, or decorate other crafts. With the Washi of the Month club, you get a surprise roll every month for three months. Of course I think month clubs re the gift that keeps on giving!

3. Do It Yourself Magazine (2 Year subscription): $19.97, Amazon
          What better way to celebrate the crafter on your list than by givigint them two years' worth of DIY ideas? 

4. 12 Colored Pencils: $5.95, Muji
          I have no idea about the quality of these colored pencils, but I do love Muji. Their minimalist packaging always makes everything I purchase there seem so fresh and clean. If you've never shopped at Muji, and you appreciate good, clean design, you should take a spin around their website. It is so nice. 

5. 3Doodler: $99.99, Michael's
          I'm just telling you guys, 3D printing is about to be all the rage. 3D printers are already coming to the market in a price range that is affordable for some lay consumers, but I'm thinking that soon they'll be even more accessible. For the person who's not quite ready for the programming involved in a real 3D printer, there's the 3Doodler. You can just draw things in 3 Dimensional plastic. it's great for kids or just people who like to putter around with creativity. Also, think of the jewelry possibilities!

          If you look on Pinterest, sharpie-decorated sneakers are always a popular DIY. So, the gift of a plain white sneaker, possibly accompanied by a multi-pack of sharpies is a fun idea for your crafty fashionista. I also think this would be right up most high school crafter's alley. 

7. Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser: $0.65, Blick (or any art store, really)
          Anyone who likes to draw with pencils knows this is a mainstay of their collection. You can purchase a kneaded eraser at most places where erasers are sold. At $0.65, this is probably the most affordable item on any of my gift guides, and It makes a great stocking stuffer. 

          A cool way to get the creative juices flowing on a daily basis. Great for doodlers of any age. 

          If your favorite creative putterer doesn't already have a light box, then this is a great addition to their collection. Though tracing is sometimes frowned upon by serious illustrators and draftsmen, it can be incredibly useful for other crafts like making your own needlepoint patterns, for example. 

10. Whimsey Box: $165 for 12 Months, Whimsey Box
          Yes, yes. It's another month club. the $165 version is actually the most expensive. For just a monthly subscription, the recipient pays $15. Not too bad, right?

          My poor mother bought herself a set of these when she still had three kids in the house, and we all but destroyed them. They're really good markers/pens, though. Great for gift tags and other writing/drawing projects. I particularly appreciate a brush tip.

For more ideas on gifts for crafters, check out these posts:

Happy shopping and happy making!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gift Guide: from Indie Craft Experience

On my way home from work last Thursday, NPR informed me that November 22 and 23, the Atlanta Freight Depot would be hosting the Indie Craft Experience. There would be booths and booths of makers selling their wares for the holiday season. I knew I needed to go.

My friend Sara was game for an adventure, so we made our way downtown for some IRL shopping. The main room was much larger than I had expected, and so we girded our loins for some serious perusing. There were so many booths and vendors that we had to walk through twice to make sure we'd seen absolutely everything, taking a break for some hot apple cider and an incredible oatmeal cookie peanut butter sandwich from Jimella's Bakery. I cannot tell you how delicious that was. 

There were so many excellent finds at the Indie Craft Experience (or ICE) that I decided I needed to make a gift guide including items from a few of the vendors at the depot. So, below I'll post links to all the goodies in the collage, and then below, I'll show you some photos of what ICE was really like. So, check it out!

1. Penguin Finger Puppet: $95, Petit Felts on Etsy 
          Though this is called a finger puppet, the booth at ICE was really cute, displaying all of these precious animals on little wooden peg stands. This is such great gift for a baby's room.

2. Atlanta Print by Mike Lowery: $23, Argyle Academy
          This print is both cool and informative. If you're an Atlanta native, or have lived here at any point, this is a perfect bit of art for your home. Bonus: I met the artist, and he was really nice. 

          These necklaces are simple and fun and could spice up any outfit. The little tassel is a great detail to add some interest to the back. This whole Etsy store is actually really cute. I highly recommend heading over there and checking it out!

          This was one of the most professional-looking booths at ICE. My favorite item in this booth was actually a pack of neon pink pencils with gold foil hearts. Unfortunately they weren't available on the website. These Everyday Mail Flair stickers are great, though, for your friend who still loves snail mail.

          These brass dart studs are quirky and cool. If you're really literal, they might be perfect for an outing to a bar with billiards and dart boards. 

          This is a really good statement necklace to throw on with a basic outfit. I love the colors, and it'd go great with a lot of different ensembles. At $15, this is a steal!

          The website for The Cordial Churchman actually features a photo of illustrator/designer Stephen Crotts and his wife. I loved that. Furthermore, for the right guy, a quirky/cool bow tie is the perfect gift. 

          I always say I could drink balsamic vinegar, and at Strippaggio's table at ICE, I actually did. Here I've linked the Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar, but the White Balsimic was also excellent. These were the only two I tried, but they were magnificent and thick. I highly recommend this as a gift (to me). 

          All of the jewelry on Lizerati is really nice and minimal. She has constellation necklaces, little triangular studs, and a bunch more lovely designs. She had a lot more inventory at ICE than she currently does on Etsy, so check back later for more items!

          I like how simple these earrings are. These are a safe bet for pretty much any lady with pierced ears. Cameoko also offers similar necklaces. Very nice. 

          This is a cool gift, especially if you happen to have a Peruvian friend. If not, It's still pretty great. 

          I think this would be the perfect piece of art for a breakfast nook or a kitchen, especially for a real coffee lover. $25 for an art print is pretty good. At that price, you can still afford to matte and frame it for gifting. 

For more of the vendors from Atlanta's Indie Craft Experience, check out the vendor list here. Most of the vendors have links to their websites, so you can peruse from the comfort of your couch! 

And down here, we have more photos: 

The first image is from Rkitekt. I thought these necklaces were too cute to pass without taking a photo.

Second, you can see an image of the cute pencils at the Betsy White booth. I loved them all

Here's a photo of the excellent oatmeal and peanut butter cookie sandwiches at Jimella's Bakery.

I really wanted to post this "Don't Call It Hotlanta" tee, but they actually don't have them available online yet. It's from You've Been Noted. 

This little guy is from Petit Felts.

And so is this precious piglet.

Lastly, we have this fabulous Balsamic Vinegar. I actually did drink it, and it was delicious.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Gift Guide: Fancy-Up Your Phone

gift-guide-2014, gift-ideas-2014, 2014-gift-guide
You guys. Black Friday is this week, and if you're anything like I am, once you're sufficiently turkey-logged, you won't want anything to do with shopping outside of your home. But of course that doesn't mean you have to forfeit buying excellent gifts. 

Of course all of my gift guides so far have included links to where you can purchase all the items, but today I want to talk about something a little different. If you've been reading this blog for long enough, you know I have a little bit of a Zazzle obsession. I love it for gifts especially because when there's someone for whom you're drawing a blank, you can always order something personalized for them. For your grandparents, there are mugs, coasters, and calendars customizable with family photos. For your parents and siblings, there are wall canvases, tees, mouse pads, and - what we're talking about today - iPhone 6 cases!

One of the most exciting things about getting a new phone is buying it a new outfit....or, if you want to pretend you're more sensible than that...a new protective case. Today I've perused the many designs on Zazzle (as well as adding one of my own) to create a collage and shopping guide of some of the coolest cases for your favorite distraction. And, don't worry! If you still have an iPhone 5, many of these designs can also be ordered in that case size as well.

Now, let's get to linking!

          This is a perfect purchase for the colder weather. It's festive and classic, but it could go preppy or punk.

          I love this case because it's got a cute vintage vibe while also speaking to one of the main utilities on my phone: the camera.

          Great for the creative girl or guy on your list! 

          I like that this has the visual texture of watercolor and glitter while being smooth so that it doesn't scratch up anything inside your purse.

        This case is cute and girly with a little bit of sparkle and shine. This will go with pretty much every outfit.

          This floral print has a bit of whimsy, and the color palette is so nice. As a bonus, you can customize it with your name or initials!

          Of all the items in this list, this is probably my favorite. I love the color play and the natural textures. 

          I'm not sure why this is called "the sound," but the image is really soothing. 

          And this one's a little bit of shameless self promotion. This iPhone case is available on the Zazzle Spinster Store, and it's one of my favorite images from The Spinsterhood Diaries.

          For the iPhone lover who also has a sweet tooth! This case makes me want ice cream...or a doughnut...or maybe both.

There are literally thousands of iPhone case options on Zazzle, and you can check them out here! If you don't find anything you like, or if you have something special in mind, you can always create your own by uploading an image you love. 

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gift Guide: For Your Brother

brothers-gift-guide, brother-gift-guide, gift-guide-2014, mens-gift-guide, holiday-gift-guide
If you have a brother, then you know that unless a specific idea hit you of the perfect gift, shopping for him can be a bit difficult. What does he want? what does he need? Well, friends, I would like to say that your guess is as good as mine. I have, however, been doing quite a bit of research, and I think I've found some good options for your consideration.

Above you'll see just a little bit of everything, and below you'll see the links. So let's get shopping!

1. Aviator Sunglass Case: $42, Jonathan Adler
          I love a Jonathan Adler needlepoint. This is super cute for the brother who likes his shades.

2. Guest Toothbrush Set: $12, Burke Decor
          For the brother who's always having guests. Someone always forgets their toothbrush.

3. Optic Sock: $12, Happy Socks
          Fun socks you could still wear under a navy suit.

4. Men's Fisherman Shaker Stitch Sweater: $119, Land's End
          This is a cool way to stay warm. It's got some fabric blocking at the shoulder as well as elbow patches. Cozy and cute.

5. Bacon Bandages: $7.94,
          Maybe next time your brother cuts himself shaving, he can just cover it up with a little bacon.

6. Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife: $9.95, Sur La Table
          This is great because it comes with a sheath. So, if your brother is an avid camper or tailgater, this is a great thing to bring along.

7. Cowboy Gun House Key: $7.49, Amazon
          I love the idea of a novelty house key. Or even a spare key. All you have to do when someone else is opening the door is say "oh,'s the gun key."

8. Black Cherry Pork BBQ Jerky: $7, Krave
          What's cooler than some gourmet Jerky? This Black Cherry and Pork BBQ flavored jerky sounds like a brother's dream.

9. Lego Salt and Pepper Set: $6.99, Lego
          Bring some nostalgia into your gifting with these lego salt and pepper shakers.

10. adidas adi Ease Shoes: $29.99, Adidas
          For the brother who's a little hip but wants to stay comfy. I really like these sneakers.

11. Walter and Jessie Fan Art Posters: $29.95,
          If your brother is still lamenting the ending of Breaking Bad, perhaps this is a way to put salve on that wound.

Now we're going into Thanksgiving week, and the heat is on! less than a week until Black Friday!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gift Guide: For Your Father

gift-guide-for-dads, dads-gift-guide, holiday-shopping-dad, mens-gift-guide, gift-guide-2014

It's tough to shop for dads. The usually don't really need anything. That doesn't mean we don't want to give them gifts, though. My strategy is usually to go with something completely novel and unnecessary. I feel like it usually works. 

Today I've put together a gift guide with some items that are useful and some that really aren't but are fun nonetheless. Hopefully you can find something on this list that you think will fit your father's interests and likes. So let's shop!

1. Buffalo Wing Soda: $5.95, Amazon
          This is just bizarre. But how fun is it? Very. This Sodas like peanut butter and jelly and sweet corn also exist. It's just something fun to try.

2. Men's Lochcarron Scotland Scarf: $119, Land's End

          A nice, luxurious scarf that'll go with everything and make your dad look quite dapper.

3. Marinated Steaks: $59.95, Harry and David

          This, I think, would be a real win, especially if your dad's really into steaks.

4. Wrinkle-Free Classic Fit Oxford Shirt: $75, Eddie Bauer

          I would like the women's version of this, please. Wrinkle free? Yes.

5. Gorillapod tripod: $11.25, Amazon

          For the dad who always likes to take a family photo on the holidays. Now he can just use his iPhone!

6. Swisscard Lite: $47.50, Victorinox Swiss Army

          Your dad will never be caught off his guard by a fix-it emergency with this slim tool set.

7. Circus Peanuts (4 packages): $5.16, Amazon

          I put this on the list because my dad loves circus peanuts. Discussing this with a friend the other day, I discovered her dad also loves them. So, maybe it's a dad thing?

8. Men's Wicked Good Moccasins: $69, L.L.Bean

          Fur lines moccasins are perfect for when your dad's enjoying a little leisure time. These have rubber soles, so he can even wear them outside.

9. Key Chainsaw Key Cover: $7.16, Amazon

          A novel way for your dad to keep the key to his tool shed...or car...or anything. It even has a little light so he can find the lock.

10. Rise and Shine Heat Change Mug: $11.99 Think Geek

          This mug is heat sensitive, and when it's filled with coffee it smiles! My dad doesn't drink coffee anymore, but when he was drinking it, I think he would have agreed with this mug's feelings.

Now, go forth and get some holiday shopping done!