Monday, August 3, 2015

A Doodle and Some Links

Well, hello, and happy Monday! I spent most of the weekend lazing about and working on my most recent portrait. However, I did get some time to doodle on Friday night. So, here you go! A doodle that will potentially be in the next coloring book. I think it will be fashion-themed. 

Since this is a Spinster blog, I decided I'd share some links I found while spinstering this weekend. Hopefully, this will make easing into the workday I little easier. 

          Of course I'd like to populate the world with my own coloring books, but I have to admit this one looks really cute. 

          Pretty much everything in this shop is adorable, but the Cat Lady Club Badge is just perfect for spinsters. Check out this Fox vase, though. Pretty cute, right?

3. Check out these collaborative Drawings with a 4-Year-Old
          I love children's art, but this is some next-level stuff. Very cool and very cute.

4. My coworker, Anna, introduced me to #WorkspaceWednesday on Instagram. It's a fascinating peak into other people's working and creative lives. 

5. In my new Tumblr life, I happened upon Bouffants and Broken Hearts. Really cute stuff. 

6. Also in my Tumblr travels, I saw Julia Heffernan who has some amazing illustrations regarding the single life. Among my favorites are "Single Life Meal Plan" and "Staying In Is the New Going Out." So funny, so cute, and so true.

Ok...I know six is a weird number, but that's all I got. Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Spinster Food: French Toast Crunch

Growing up, for months at a time, I would eat the same breakfast every morning before school. I'd eat S'more's pop tarts for six months, and then one day I'd decide I wanted to eat a bagel. One such breakfast phase was French Toast Crunch. I don't remember how long this particular breakfast lasted, but if I'm judging by the others, I'd say at least a few months.

According to it's Wikipedia page, French Toast Crunch was discontinued in the US in 2006. Sometime after that, believe it or not, I actually went looking for a box, not realizing it no longer existed. Of course, I could have gone to Canada, but I didn't even realize that. Apparently I wasn't the only one looking for a box. In December 2004 (again, according to the Wikipedia page), French Toast Crunch was re-introduced to the American market.

Of course I didn't know any of this until my friend Sara texted me that she'd bought a box. My first thought was, "I didn't think that existed anymore."

So, in Target on Friday night, I saw that not only did they have several boxes for the miniature toast-shaped cereal, but it was on sale! So, of course I bought a box.

I'm ashamed to say that I woke up yesterday at 5:45, took Miranda for a walk, ate a bowl of French Toast Crunch, went back to bed, woke up again around 9 and ate another bowl. Yes, I ate two bowls of French Toast Crunch yesterday. I can only hope that soon there's a US women's Sumo Wrestling team. I will gladly join.

So, if you haven't fed your spinsterly desires this morning, perhaps you should consider a little mission to the store for a box of French Toast Crunch. It tastes like maple syrup and nostalgia. And isn't that what you want to start your Sunday morning?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy Birthday to Miranda!

Back in November I went to Athens, GA to get a puppy. I had no idea I was actually picking out a new best friend. Today, spinsters, Miranda the baby dog turns one year old. I couldn't possibly love her any more than I do.

For her birthday today she has already gone on a walk, taken a nap, eaten some cheese (her favorite), played with a tennis ball, and she is currently squeezing the squeaker in her brand new raccoon toy. Later I'm going to take her to play with the other dogs so she can spend her birthday with some other kids.

My own birthday is now 12 days away (if you count today), and since I'm turning much more than just one year old, I decided I should share some wisdom with Miranda on her birthday. Below you'll find a list of things I've learned in my nearly 30 years that I think she should know...whether she can actually use them or not.

1. Unless you work in a nail salon, you'll never finish a bottle of nail polish.
          This is just one of the rules of the universe. I have never used every drop of polish in a bottle, and I doubt I know anyone who has. It's just the way of the world.

2. There is a serious difference between fresh squeezed orange juice and the kind you buy already packaged. Fresh squeezed is leagues better, and somehow it's never been replicated in mass production. The closest I've come is at Pret-A-Manger, and still...I was suspicious.

3. Walking faster is best achieved by taking longer steps, not faster steps.
          Once you get used to the longer steps, you aren't exerting any more energy to walk faster, and smaller steps seem like unnecessary cardio.

4. Resist the urge to find out what old boyfriends are doing. It doesn't help you in any way.
          Seriously. If there's one thing I've learned being single this long, it's to avoid knowing any details of the old boyfriend's life until you're over him. Stalking him on social media and seeing that he's on a date with someone else only hurts you and doesn't affect him at all. Believe me, he doesn't feel guilty, no matter how much you think he should. So just...unfollow.

5. The fattier the chocolate milk, the better it tastes.
          This is just a rule of the universe. Whole chocolate milk tastes, like, a million times better than fat free. If you're gonna go, just go all out.

Now, I'm pretty sure Miranda can't use any of that advice, but maybe some other spinsters out there will get a good little giggle out of it.

Here's another picture of Miranda for the road.

She's just the cutest baby I've ever seen. Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 31, 2015

#FAFATL: A Roller Skate and A Leftover

Friday! Of course this means it's Free Art Friday. Last week I had three magnets, and I only posted two. So, I'm being lazy and using the leftover one form last week as one of this week's magnets. Sorry not sorry. It's been a long week. 

However, the new magnet for this week is a roller skate  with some really amazing glitter in the background. It reminds me of the skating rink we used to go to when I was little. It was called Skate Galaxy, and I'm fairly sure it's no longer in existence. I once saw a woman's earlobe ripped in half there by the weight of her earring. Just in case you wanted to know that. 

Keep an eye out on Instagram for the hashtag #FAFATL. If you want to see where I drop these two magnets, you can always follow my Instagram: @Jonezee85.

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Audible Spinstering: Shirley Jones is #NSFW

So, first, let me say that this post is not actually NSFW. It's going to be tame. Now that that's out of the way, we can talk about my most recent listen, Shirley Jones: A Memoir.

On the way home from work one day, I heard the tail end of an interview with Shirley Jones about her recently-published memoir. I'll admit that I didn't remember who Shirley Jones was at first, but when they mentioned The Partridge Family, I figured it out. However, I didn't realize she was the same woman who played Marian the librarian in the movie version of The Music Man. I think it was the hair that threw me off. So, curious, I purchased the audiobook.

Now 81, Jones narrates her own memoir, and some of the things she says will definitely surprise you. The book starts out with sort of an explanation of who Jones is and how she got her start on Broadway and then in Hollywood. That story is pretty insane. Some people have all the luck. The story of her career in TV, movies, and on the stage is not the crazy part, though. The crazy part is Jones's private life.

I won't spoil anything for you, but she does describe her first husband, Jack Cassidy (father of both David and Shaun Cassidy), as her "sexual Svengali" more than once. There are...details. Perhaps they're not the kind of details you'll expect, but they're details nonetheless. And this woman is eighty-one years old, ok? But I take full responsibility for having purchased and listened to the book. The end, though, is really something...special. She talks about her current, shall we say, preferences.

So, I'm not sure I can fully recommend this one. However, if you're interested in the life of Marian the Librarian or perhaps want to hear the same story of David Cassidy's first impressions of Jones twice (same story twice in the book...), then go for it! I will say it is amazing because the book shows how different from her roles on the stage and screen are from her life. So, I suppose I'm saying she's an excellent actress and a freaky senior citizen.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Spinstering: Sending a Birthday Package

This morning I'm posting extra late because I've been making the above little insert for my friend Chelsea's birthday package. Today's her birthday, so she'll be getting this package belatedly, but sometimes those are they most fun. I like to think they just make your birthday last longer. 

I'm not going to ruin her surprise by posting the contents of the package here, but I did have to sort of  have to explain some of the contents on the back of the insert.

Now, if you're looking for some gift ideas this morning, I've just added a bunch of new pins to my "Gift Ideas" board on Pinterest. (No, chelsea, I didn't get you any weird kitchen tools - your'e safe.) 

Enjoy! And have a happy Tuesday, even if it's not your birthday.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Miranda is the Best and the Cutest

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I'm obsessed with my dog. I love her. She's the best dog ever and also the cutest ever. She's also the sweetest. So, today you should color her. Because that would be the best, sweetest, cutest coloring page. 

Now, of course I'm biased. She's my dog, and I love her. (side note: when I typed that, I accidentally wrote "I love Cher." That made me laugh a little.) In case you need some supporting evidence, though, I've got a precious story for you from this weekend.

I'm turning thirty in less than a month. As such, of course it's time for me to purchase my first pair of roller skates since childhood. So, after some research, I purchased a pair of vintage quadline roller skates from Play It Again Sports for $25. Roller blades are cool now in a sort of ironic way, but I really wanted the OG roller skates. 

Armed (or legged?) with my new skates, I decided I should take Miranda for a walk. This was not such a good idea. For one thing, roller skating outside of a skating rink at any age past, say, 12, is a hazard to your health. Parking lots aren't equipped with rubber floors. For another, Miranda was scared of the roller skates. 

I managed to stay upright for about ten minutes, and then the inevitable happened. I rolled right into the curb and promptly lost my balance. 

Now, I can't remember the last time I fell all the way down. I think it was when I fell running early in the Morning in New York. Alas, I am a little old and a lot fatter than when that happened, and boy, could I feel it. Once I was on the ground, I decided it would be best if I stayed there for a little while, mustering the strength to unlace my skates. 

Miranda, seeing what had happened, came to the rescue, putting her two front paws on my arm and keeping guard until I was able to right myself. She also contributed a few kisses to my cheek. 

I'm writing this post from the parking lot pavement as we speak, where Miranda has been keeping a constant vigil until I'm able to stand once again. No, just kidding! We finished our walk, and I thankfully have no broken bones. Miranda, though, has come out of this experience more loved than ever before. Because she is the best.

Now color her!