As Spinsterly as it Gets

Eating McDonalds alone in Manhattan on a Friday night is pretty much as spinsterly as it gets. But you'd be surprised how many people are doing it. I suppose we all feel pretty safe that no one we know will see us here. I am, in fact, sitting next to a family of foreign tourists who are eating mayonnaise and ketchup on their fries.

It's been a crazy long week - what with my sharing a desk with the freelancer who has a suggestion for how I can do pretty much whatever I'm doing better and more efficiently. She, too, is a spinster.

But I did get to do some awesome stuff at work this week. I made jewelry and glued studs and sequins on a hand knitted hat. And, of course, I went trim shopping at Tinsel Trading and M&J, both of which are always a treat.

I hope to spend the rest of my weekend with one Dr. Frasier Crane working on my Christmas calendar. Spinsterly bliss.

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