La Abuelita Mala

Yesterday was rough. I was super stressed and everyone needed something. So I was particularly excited to go out at lunch and call my mom on the way to my favorite lunch spot, Dig Inn.

As usual, my mom didn't pick up and called me back about a minute later. My guess is she can never find her phone.

When she did call me back, though, I stood outside the restaurant , my back against the wall, explaining why I am explosively stressed out. And suddenly, as I stood there, a tiny old woman in a stylish black coat kicked me in the shin and yelled at me in Spanish, shaking her fist and pointing. And all I could do was stand there and stair at her, dumbfounded.

And then I stayed at the office until 10:30Pm, not because I was afraid she was lying in wait for me out in the cold, but rather because I have enough work to do for three people.

And I'm blogging now while I am on hold with the office IT because, on the midst of all this work, my computer keeps massively malfunctioning. But oddly, it's more hilarious than anything else.

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