#19: Have your makeup done

On a daily basis, I don't actually wear that much makeup. Every time I'm in a department store, though, I find myself lingering at the makeup counters in hopes someone will ask if  I want a touchup. Because of course I do!

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is put on a good outfit, some minimal makeup, and head over to Henri Bendel's where I'm sure to be attacked by the first available cosmetics salesperson I pass. While i know the sole purpose for their inviting me to have a seat in one of their tall chairs is to make a sale of often obscenely overpriced beauty products, for the opportunity to have someone professionally paint and powder my face while explaining what they're doing, I'm willing to buy whatever they're selling.

Generally the salesperson will ask you about your life and what you do and where you live while they gently brush, blend, and gloss, which is a nice bit of attention as well. They give you all kinds of tips on how you could be doing your makeup better with their products, and admittedly I believe everything they say. It just feels so nice.

When it's all over, the artist likes to stand back and call their colleagues over to ooh and ah over how beautiful you now are. Of course this is yet another excellent perk. And this, my friends, is how I end up with such arbitrary items like glitter eyeliner, five different kinds of cream shadow, and neon pink lipstick. But you know what? To me, it's worth it.

So, go have your makeup done. It's like a non-aggressive massage for your face where they tell you you're beautiful at the end. Seems like an all-around win to me.

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