#21: Have a night in

It's friday night, and you've been working hard all week. Good thing you don't have to go on a date and pretend to be agreeable. Instead, you get to go home, take your pants off on the way to the sofa, and eat cookies as an appetizer while you wait for your takeout to arrive.

Next, you get to pick out a movie that strikes your fancy(and possibly no one else's), and start an episode of Law and Order while you eat your cookie appetizer. you don't even have to worry if you don't have Netflix. Law and Order is always on somewhere. And you know every single episode can suck you in. Don't even deny it.

Next, you'll want to locate your glitter polish. But we've already talked about that. You can get a couple coats in while you wait.

Two to three coats in, though, your doorbell should be ringing, and you should be scurrying around trying to find your bathrobe because, remember, you took your pants off, and now you have wet toenails. Once the delivery guy is paid and tipped, you are free to relax into the giant pillow you took off your bed and wedged into the corner between the sofa back and arm, takeout resting on your belly as you find out the verdict and start that movie you've been wanting to watch.

Now, isn't this so much better than a date or some loud bar? I thought so. Have a night in, girl. You've been working hard for the money, so you better treat yourself right.

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