#24: Become a Connoisseur

My mother had two spinster aunts who were nurses on the Ship Hope in World War II. when they died, my sister and I inherited all their fabulous vintage costume jewelry from their travels.

But my great aunts weren't just into costume jewelry; they also collected china, silk, and find jewelry. Fine, fine jewelry. My grandmother (their sister) once told me that Aunt Daisy always waited for the bus in front of the display window for a Jewelry store. One day the bus took so long, and a pair of diamond studs were calling to her so sweetly, she just said "what the hell," and bought some diamond studs before the bus came.

So, once I decided to embrace my Spinsterhood, I knew I'd need to start a fine collection for myself. Thankfully for me, the diamond district is just a solid block of jewelry stores all right there for me to enjoy. The old men behind the counters are so nice, and everyone tells you you don't look a day over seventeen. Really, who could ask for anything more?

But if jewelry isn't you thing, there are clearly so many other things of which to become a connoisseur. There's food, for one. Gastro-tourism is an incredibly desirable and understandable obsession. Then, of course, you've got books, art, party planning, any number of things. If you're going to be a spinster, live it up! Be an interesting woman of taste!

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