#25: Make that paper, girl!

One time I heard a DJ on the Big DM 101 say "Make that paper, girl," and I immediately adopted it as my own personal mantra.

So you're a single, unattached female with no husband, no boyfriend, no kids, and maybe a cat. But I don't even have a cat. Cats aside, though, you've got a lot of freedom. Freedom to be a gangsta. So have a job, and be good at it. Who says you can't out earn the boys? No one. It's 2013. Be a hustler, and derive some satisfaction from knowing you're good at what you do. (By "hustler," I do not mean you should be a prostitute. That's incredibly un-spinsterly. Don't do it.)

Now that we've had the pep talk, let's talk about why makin' that paper is awesome. Of course, money can't buy happiness, but let's be real here. Manicures are awesome, and so is traveling. And so is shopping...even if it's just online when you're eating lunch at your desk. Also - and this is my personal fantasy - one day, someone else can clean your apartment. I mean, unless you're really into cleaning. Weirdo.

Now that #25 is out of the way, I'd like to close this post with a bit of poetry from a wordsmith known as DJ Kool:

"Now, all the ladies in the place,
if you got real hair, real fingernails,
you got a job, you goin' to school,
and y'all need nobody to help you handle your business
make some noise"

...you can still make some noise if you have acrylics, though.

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