#27: Have a Manicure

It's Saturday, and you've earned at least a little pampering. Really, though, since you're a spinster, you can have as much pampering as you want. What else are you doing?

I feel rather spoiled as a mani/pedi in Astoria, on average, runs about $18 total. At this price, how could I resist letting someone hold, paint, and lotion my hands as often as I can find the requisite hour?

Of course having someone else paint your nails is luxurious, but I also find there is something really enjoyable about painting your toenails while watching tv. Personally, I think the enjoyability leaps tenfold when I use a nice glittery polish. There's something about it that reminds me of spending summers at the lake watching reruns of I Dream of Jeannie. They even make ones that have little star- and heart-shaped glitter pieces in them.

So, whether you're enjoying having your nails done like the lady of luxury you are or painting them in front of the TV like the spinster you re, you should have your nails done. That little bit of color will make you feel pretty and polished (pun pretty much intended).

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