#28: Find Your Spot

As a spinster, you probably like to spend a lot of time at home with Netflix. But, you need to get out sometimes, and I suggest you find yourself a favorite spot.

My favorite spot is a place named Cafe Bar a few blocks away from my apartment. Some reasons it fits the bill as a perfect favorite spot:

1. Proximity: It's near enough to my apartment that it's no big deal to walk there. Additionally, it's located such that it's easy to triangulate to the the movie theater and/or the grocery (two necessary spinster stops) quickly and easily either before or after any trip.

2. Discretion: I've dined with company a few times here, but the vast majority of my trips to my spot, I'm dining one top. The wait staff never acts like this is weird or a big deal. Though, one time I did have to sit at the bar.

3. Tea: They have good tea at this place. I know some people like coffee, but I'm a tea lady. And they have good tea at this place, which is an obvious must for a good spinster.

4. Table Size: It's important that your spot has tables that can accommodate your book or journal plus whatever you're consuming. If your dining one top, sometimes this can be a struggle.

5. Menu: Your spot won't last long as your spot if they don't offer something you like to consume. My spot is open 24 hours, and their dinner is as good as their brunch. And they have delicious fresh squeezed orange juice.

6. Sensibility: You want your spot to have the right feel for you. For a little while after I moved to my neighborhood, I tried to make a place called Pomme Cafe my spot. Unfortunately, though, they were too attentive to the one-top-diner, and men felt free to approach me. "Can't you see I'm spinstering!?"

Once you find your spot, you'll start to become a regular. That's a good feeling. Even if they know you're that girl who always comes in by herself and orders and orange juice (not a mimosa) with her brunch, and reads a book or writes in her journal.

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