#11: Buy your groceries at the drugstore

When you're busy makin' that paper, sometimes you don't have time to stop by a proper grocery store when you run out of milk. In a practice that's potentially more bachelor than spinster, I solve this problem by shopping at the drugstore. As you've probably read, I prefer a good Rite Aid.

Last night I left the office around 8pm, and I knew if I were going to make it another day without moths flying out of my hair, I needed some shampoo. When I lived in South Carolina and had a car, I would have planfully gone to the grocery store over the weekend to pick up all the essential and more. Or, really, I could have stopped by target or the grocery on the way home. Now, though, I can't be bothered with A) planning to actually go grocery shopping with any regularity or B) shopping in a store that has more than the bare essentials for everyday spinster living.

Of course it helps that I have a Rite Aid mere steps out of my subway stop, but the deals at this drugstore can't be beat! They are always having cereal on 2-for-1 special, and a lot of times it's Honey Bunches of Oats. My favorite.

I know, I know. You're thinking, "but this is so inefficient," and I admit that it is. But you know, sometimes you want to go to the drugstore five nights a week and stare blankly at the magazine rack or buy the only box of butter available. Sometimes you want to look at every bottle of nail polish and then not buy any at all. And sometimes you want to do that every night, even for just five minutes. The drugstore just offers a highly honed and edited selection so you're not continuously overwhelmed.

In conclusion, just go ahead and buy your groceries at the drugstore. It's like a well-curated version of your grocery store...just closer to your house and with a shorter line.

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