#12: Do your laundry

When I lived in Greenwich Village, I used to send my laundry out because I didn't have enough time to do it. Well, that, and the laundromats were so small there was nowhere to sit. But, with someone else in charge of my clothes, I started to notice the printing on my tee shirts was cracking. Despite my requests they were washing and drying all of my clothes on high heat. And of course I couldn't have that.

When I moved out to Queens, I considered sending my laundry out once more as it was even cheaper here than it was in the Village. But, upon seeing the expanses of industrial tile floor and plastic deck chairs, and a spin cycle machine whose noise could rival a jet engine, I knew I'd be spending a lot of time doing my own laundry.

The truth is I'm a stickler when it comes to Laundry. Working in fashion, I know that care label is there for a reason. A very good reason. So, I separate my darks, lights, and sheets, and I use special detergent for my darks so they stay dark. And, when I put everything that can be dried in the dryer, I throw about four dryer sheets in there for that delicious fresh laundry smell. Still, though, somehow my laundry does not smell as good as my grandmother's. I'll never know quite how she does it.

Despite my love for the rules and regulations of laundry, I like to spend a little time just sitting at the laundromat, reading a book, looking at whatever half of a magazine is left lying around, or trying to discern just what TV show is playing on that tiny TV by the ceiling. The slightly crouched man who runs the 'mat and I have become what I consider silent friends. We communicate our deep and high regard through a series of nods and bows, and that is all. And that is all it needs to be.

So spend some time doing your laundry today. That is, unless you hate doing laundry. Then don't do it.

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