#13: Spread the Love

If you're reading this, and you're still with me, spinstering out hard core all day every day, it's too late to have an un-awkward Valentine's Day Date. So you don't have a valentine. So what? You can have as many valentines as you want!

I love to make valentines. I love to send out home made cards made of construction paper, glitter, paint, stickers, doilies - you name it! The fun is not just in the making but also in the sending...and then in all the texts you'll get when people unexpectedly receive a home made valentine from you, their favorite spinster.

So, I'm making this post today to give you plenty of time to prepare! You've got seven days to make all your valentines, send them, and then they'll have a week to get there! So, here's what you're going to do:

1. Get some supplies: I have so many supplies that usually all I need to get are cards and stickers. I do like a good construction paper card, but Michael's sells plain cards in a variety of colors and sizes with envelopes included. This takes out that awkward thing of making a card that's too big for your envelope and then either having to trim it so that the composition is off or making a questionable tiny fold on one of the ends just to make it fit.

If you're not a supply hoarder like I am, here are some suggestions:
   - Cards and Envelopes
   - Stickers: Heart shaped, 3-d or with Kittens. I like to get something that's got a little shimmer or shine to it.
   - Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils/Watercolors: Personally, I always start out trying to use the markers and colored pencils and end up using the watercolors. I somehow feel like they go better with glitter.
   - Construction Paper/Cardstock: They have this really cool kind at Michael's with an adhesive back.
   - Glue Sticks and Tape
   - Glitter Pens and Glitter Glue
   - Paper Doilies (a classic)

2. Decorate your cards: Get creative! I'm not going to tell you what to say here. If you're old enough to read this blog, I'm hoping you've made a valentine before. I will say this, though: I like to decorate at least some part of the envelope, too, in a way that harkens back to the design of the card. It just feels like they are nicely coordinated and a set.

3. Draw up your list of Valentines: First of all you need to include your parents and grandparents and then any siblings you have. Then, think of anyone you know who likely will not be getting a valentine. They need one. Next, get your friends' addresses. You like them already. They won't be weirded out if you send them a valentine. Lastly, your coworkers and any people you see on a daily basis. You won't have to use postage for these (bonus!). I'll leave it up to you who in your office/daily route you think it would be appropriate to gift with a valentine. Probably don't give one to that creepy guy who's always in the office kitchen staring blankly into the fridge, potentially stealing your food. He might get the wrong idea.

4. Write your cards: Again, this is up to you. For a lot of people, I just write "Happy Valentine's Day!" and then my name. But, other people get a special note...but not a creepy one.

5. Get some stamps, address and mail those puppies! You know how this works, but I do have two suggestions:
   - Get the cute stamps. These are special cards.
   - Put a sticker on the outside of the envelope where it closes. That just makes it feel more exciting.

Once you've mailed your Valentines, you can just wait until Valentine's Day, when you'll likely get more love than you would have if you hadn't sent out those cards!

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