#2: Read a Magazine

As a spinster, you should definitely be churning through an intensive reading list that includes at least a few challenging works a year. However, sometimes you need some lighter fare.  And it's a good thing you buy your groceries at the drugstore because what I'm suggesting today is a good old fashioned stack of magazines.

Some spinsters fancy bridal magazines, but I can only get into that about once every five years. There's a sense of sadness that can run through your soul looking at all those white dresses and knowing how easily they stain. I mean, no wonder they only wear them once! You can't sit down without checking your chair first.

Instead, I prefer an array of magazines that include but are not limited to Lucky, Marie Claire, Vogue, Nylon, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, In Style, People Style Watch, and - at this time of year - whatever prom magazine they're displaying. That's right. I look at prom magazines. I loved prom. I love movies about prom. So what if I'm never going again?

Magazines are really at their best on a trip to the beach. Read on a balcony or on the beach, there's something perfect about a magazine in salty air. However, since it's February, we're going for the second-best way to read a magazine: while painting your nails on top of its pages.

So grab a stack of magazines when you buy your cereal, girl. And while you're at it, you might want to check out the glitter polish.

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