#4: Buy yourself flowers

A month or so ago, I was sitting at my desk when  flower delivery man came into the office with a nicely arranged bouquet of flowers. Because I work in an office full of women, we all looked up. I'm sure each one of us was wracking our brain for who might have sent us flowers. For me, the only ones I could think of were my parents.

As it turned out, the flowers were for our office's amazing intern, from her boss for her birthday. So, none of us had to be sad that a man hadn't sent us flowers.

But, really, why does a man have to be the one to send you flowers? You can just pick them up on your way home from work. If you want to receive flowers at your office, you can send them to yourself. You have a credit card, too, and I'm hoping you're a responsible enough spinster that it isn't maxed out.

This weekend I went ahead and bought myself flowers, and they are currently adding some sunshine to what has otherwise been a dreary and slushy weekend. I was a bit miffed, though, that the man who sold me the flowers asked why my boyfriend wasn't buying me flowers. "Aren't those supposed to be a gift from someone?" he asked. I shrugged and said "from myself."

So if you want flowers this week or any week, buy some flowers for goodness sake! Your money is as good as any man's. And this way you can pick out your favorite ones.

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