Sunday, February 10, 2013

#5: Think about Kittens

Sometimes being a spinster isn't all breakfast in bed and cookies. Sometimes it can be downright hard and incredibly stressful. In those times, I like to take a little break, and look at a few photos of kittens. The very fact that kittens exist gives me hope for the future and goodness in this world.

On the weekends sometimes I like to take a little trip to Union Square and into the back of the Petco where they keep cats and kittens for adoption. They're just such little cutenesses. The very thought of kittens just sends me into a bit of a frenzy. I can't even. I think I feel my pulse quickening now.

But I need to admit to you, thought, that there is a parasite some people acquire that makes them love cats. A lot. I'm pretty sure I have it, but I don't think that diminishes the positive effects the very thought and sight of kittens can have on anyone who's having a little bit of a rough day, especially if you're a spinster.

What? You're not into cats and kittens? Well, I think you're crazy, but baby pugs are pretty cute as are baby pandas, so I guess those are also acceptable substitutes. The point here is that since Valentine's Day is approaching, you won't really have to take any time to smell roses, they'll be all around you pretty soon. Instead, take some time to look at a baby kitten and realize that everything will be OK as long as something that cute exists.


  1. This is hilarious. I have two adorable kitties, who are not really kitties any longer (Siberians over a year old and weighing in at 10 and 13-14 pounds respectively). It often pains me to see their cuteness, but it is so gratifying also. I work from home and they distract me, but they are amazing stress relievers and I will gladly waste time petting them. In fact, you've helped me to decide to write a blog post (at about my sleeping muse, the fat cat who just lounges around all day while his brother is out on the prowl. Have you read this article about "cuteness aggression?" Adorable kitties apparently boost our productivity but also elicit some violently intense feelings.

    1. I cannot wait to read bout your fat cat! "It pains me to see their cuteness," is such an accurate phrase. I have a hard time not squeezing the kittens because of their cuteness, so when I read that article about "cuteness aggression," you suggested, I was like "oh my! That's me!"

      Thanks for reading, and I love this comment!

      xo Myrna Minx

  2. I wrote my blog post, although it took on a different focus, so I'll have to write more fat cat posts later (I didn't even mention his weight problem). I quoted you and linked to this post. Here it is: