Friday, February 8, 2013

#7: Wear Fun Socks

One of the only good things about cold weather is socks. I love socks. On extra cold days, SmartWool can't be beat. On milder days, though, I like a good pair of fun socks.

Anyone who's ever been in college knows the more underwear, socks, and towels you have, the longer you can go between loads of laundry. Just because I enjoy laundry time doesn't mean I always have time to do laundry. So, to ensure I can make it through a couple weeks, I keep an extensive collection of socks. And most of those socks are fun socks.

The thing about socks is you can choose to show them or not. They can be your fun little secret, or you can share them withe the world. An otherwise-subdued ensemble, when paired with a punchy pair of socks, can be something fun and unexpected. An odd coupling of socks who've lost their mates can be hidden by a lengthy pant leg or a tall boot. They're still good socks, even if they don't match. I don't care what anyone says.

Additionally, in the grand scheme of clothing items, socks are cheep as chips. You can come by a good wacky pair of socks for less than $5 without too much searching. And, if you have inexplicably sharp toenails like I do, you go through enough socks to warrant constantly shopping for them. 

So, in conclusion, go and get yourself a fun pair of socks if you aren't already wearing some now. Since Valentine's Day is now only a week away, I am confident you will find a cute holiday-themed pair that you can enjoy - either secretly or publicly. The choice is yours!