Spinsterhood Diaries Mug Giveaway!

Hello to all my lovely readers! Next week i the start of a brand new series! But, before that starts, I have something special to thank you guys for all the love on the Valentine's Day Series! Up for grabs is one of my special brand new Spinster Mugs, which you can find at the The Spinster Store on Zazzle (www.zazzle.com/spinsterstore). I love mine, so I hope you'll love yours! The contest starts today (Sunday, February 17, 2013) and will end next Saturday (February 24, 2013). Here's how to enter:

1. Like The Spinsterhood Diaries on Facebook. (www.facebook.com/thespinsterhooddiaries)
2. Follow The Spinsterhood Diaries on Twitter (@spnstrhddiaries)
3. Create a Pinterest Board entitled "True Spinsta For Real," with the following:
     a. Two of your favorite images from http://spinsterhooddiaries.blogspot.com
     b. Three amazing/hilarious/cute cat or kitten photos
     c. One bathrobe
     d. One item of loungewear
     e. The Mug you would like to win from www.zazzle.com/spinsterhostore
     f. An image of your favorite Spinster treat (food or otherwise)
     g. Your favorite book.
     h. An image of bedding
     i. A cute and/or comfy sofa
4. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your pinboard!

After I check out all your awesome boards, I'll post a link to the winning board for all to see!

Sound good? Get to pinning, liking, and following! I can't wait!

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