Spinsters I Know and Love: Mary Cothonneau Eldridge

At 22 years old, Mary Cothonneau Eldidge is far from being a pat spinster. However, the child for which she nannies would beg to differ. To hear Mary Cothonneau tell it, this child would marry her off to the next delivery man who comes to the door. 

But Mary Cothonneau has better things to think about and do. For one thing, I'm trying to convince her to write a book just so I can read it. She is, by all accounts, one of the funniest girls around. I've known Mary Cothonneau since childhood, and whenever we are at the same party I seek her out because, really, standing next to her is a party in itself.

I could say so much more about MC, but I'm hoping to convince her to write a full-length post sometime in the future, and I need to let you read a little something from her now before I talk you to death. So, enjoy!

Name: Mary Cothonneau Eldridge

Age: 22

Profession: Right now I am nannying while I work on my law school applications

Dream Job: Andy Cohen’s personal assistant

What you love to do when you have an afternoon/day/weekend at home alone: Catch any and all “Real Housewives of…” marathons while reading.

Favorite Breakfast food: Chocolate croissants

Favorite Takeout: Diprato’s or Za’s

Favorite treat (food or otherwise): Chocolate croissants

Favorite Beauty product or what's in your beauty bag: I live by my mascara and eyeliner

Favorite nail polish or nail polish color: Chanel’s “Ruby Slippers”, which is sadly no longer in production

Favorite Art supplies: Well, writing is an art form so I guess I would say a fountain pen!

The thing you love to do that you probably wouldn't do if there was a boy in the picture/around your apartment: Leave half empty diet coke bottles all over the place

Something enjoyable about being single: I do enjoy leaving my laundry in the dryer until I need a particular article of clothing (I hate folding laundry)

If you had a one-sentence spinster philosophy, what would it be? Not necessarily a philosophy, but I got a kick out of one of the Fool’s lines about Lady Olivia in  “Twelfth Night”: “No indeed, sir; the Lady Olivia has no folly. She will keep no fool, sir, till she be married, and fools are as like husbands as pilchards are to herrings—the husband’s the bigger”.

What's your loungewear style? A comfy pair of jeans!

What's your uniform? I don’t have a uniform yet, but since I chase six-year-old children around during the week, I tend to gravitate toward jeans or shorts.

Complete this sentence: People think that______________, but really ____________. People think that Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake”, but really the phrase was probably coined by either Jean-Jacques Rousseau or Maria-Theresa, who was Louis XIV’s wife.

Coffee or tea? Diet Coke!

Your go-to desk snack: Goldfish crackers.

I have seen every episode of...: The Real Housewives of…Game of Thrones, SuitsAmerican Horror Story, and probably Criminal Minds. I need to get a life.

Your favorite spinster jams: Queen Lana Del Rey and Florence + the Machine

Currently in your Netflix and/or Hulu queue: Nothing yet—all of my shows are on season breaks! Though people keep telling me to try Revenge.

The question on everyone's mind: Kittens or Puppies, and why? Kittens, obviously. They’re great pets for my current lifestyle—I live in an apartment building and am not always home on the weekends, so they are great because they don’t require as much attention as dogs. Also cat people are better than dog people.

In an alternate life what would you be? Andy Cohen

Complete this sentence: " I probably shouldn't admit this but..." I think my excessive intake of diet coke is giving me a rapid heartbeat.

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