The Spinsterhood Diaries Giveaway Winner(s)!

Hello, Readers! Today we take a little break from the wonderful Spinsters I Know and Love to announce the winners of the Spinsterhood Diaries Giveaway. (Hooray!)

I'll keep this short and sweet. I had two amazing winners (and, honestly, only two entrants, but who's counting?). Monica Lo's amazing board includes a cattoo and some kitten lattes. And also, a lot of other amazing things. You should probably follow her anyway. Check out the board here:

Sydney van Bulck's board has the cutest picture of a kitten pushing a shopping cart with a tinier kitten inside the cart. I had a moment of cuteness aggression when I saw it. Additionally, on this board you'll find a giant beanbag couch with two king size beds in it. Ok? I mean, need I say more? I didn't think so. Check out Sydney's board here:

Thanks again to my wonderful entrants! Tomorrow I'm starting back with more of my favorite spinsters!

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