A Real Fashion Designer: Things to hide in a fashion office

Today's post is something, I think that is not unique to fashion offices. I'm fairly sure that there's at least one employee in every office with sticky fingers from whom you should hide things. In a fashion office, there are certain things you should just always hide, because some potentially innocent person may just come by and "borrow" them. So, below you'll find a list of things you should hide if you're working with a bunch of fashion designers.

1. Fabric scissors.
          Before I went to fashion school, I had no idea there was any difference between scissors you use for fabric and scissors you use for paper or anything else. But, let me tell you, there's a big difference. Your fabric scissors must always and only cut fabric, and they will stay very, very sharp. In a fashion office, this is well known but sometimes ignored. You must always label your scissors with your name and whether they are fabic or paper scissors because some standing near your desk who is in great need of some paper scissors will "innocently" swipe the first pair of scissors they see and just cut all the paper in the whole office. And then the next time you try to make some tassels or cut some ribbon, you might as well be gnawing at the fabric, yarn, or ribbon.

2. Double Sided Tape.
          Every fashion designer keeps two tape dispensers at their desk: one for regular tape, and one for double sided tape. The double sided tape always goes so much faster than the regular tape, and everyone is always trying to "borrow" (re: keep) some. I'm pretty sure they all secretly wear wigs and toupees and are just trying to keep them on. And can you blame them? A toupee that's gone askew is really embarrassing.

3. Your Good Pens.
          Everyone has a favorite kind of pens that  make them relish a meeting note or a well-timed phone conversation doodle. My favorite are Pilot Precise V5 Premium Rolling Ball Pen. I'll admit I am often an accidental pen-stealer, but when I buy my own special multicolored pens, I hide them in my desk drawer and only take out one at a time. They are my pens. I want to use them.

4. Your Pencil Sharpener.
          For some inexplicable reason, pencil sharpeners are extremely scarce in fashion offices. I guess they assume you'll use mechanical pencils or pens, but I like a good old-fashioned wood pencil sometimes. Apparently, so do a lot of other people, and they want to use your pencil sharpener. And they will accidentally keep it every time. And then what are you supposed to do with all your dull pencils?

5. Your Snacks.
          I am an admitted snack-hoarder, but in my mind I have good reason. Sometimes I need a little pick me up in the form of a sweet treat in the afternoon or any time, really. Knowing this about myself, I make sure to have some emergency supplies on hand in the inevitable event that I will need a a little something sweet. I go to the store, thoughtfully pick out what I'd like to have, purchase it, and carry it to the office for slow and measured consumption. Ok, well, maybe sometimes it's not so slow or measured, but that's the idea. The point, though, is that I bought those treats because I need treats. I bought them because I wanted and needed them. I did not buy them for you. I need them. So don't be eating my candy. And that's why I have to hide my candy.

So, now that you know that, I'm sure you're either thinking "wow, you're insane," or, more likely, you're thinking, "obviously! How could anyone even think about eating someone else's candy?" And if you're thinking that, that's why we are friends.

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