Some Cat Photos

Today at work I had to take a little moment and look at some cats. I looked at photos scottish fold kittens. But today I just thought I'd share some of the cat photos I found on my phone. Because, of course, I am a cat person, and I take photos of cats on my phone. Just in case I need to see some at any point.

The Photo you'll find to the right is  photo of Kate, one of the cats that now owns my childhood home in South Carolina. Kate remembers me every time I come home, and she runs for the hills as soon as I set foot in the door. All I want to do is love, you Kate. I can't help it that you inspire cuteness aggression in my heart. She does look so regal in this photo, though. And her coat is really soft. How could I not squeeze her?

The next photo here is of Kate's sister, Coco. Coco is a fatness, and she hates me as well. My mom says it's because I call her fat, but she is fat. She's so fat she has hip problems. But does that make me want to squeeze here less? Obviously the answer is no. On the Left she's lying on an oriental rug in our house, but to the right, she's participating in one of her favorite winter activities: spreading her whole body out in front of the fire. I think the heat causes her to expand. Coco will bite you if you don't watch out.

Upon reviewing these photos of Coco once again, I'm wondering if she doesn't have some kind of morbid hobby like in Harold and Maude. Either that, or she's attempting to pretend she's dead every time I'm around as a means of deterring me from trying to play with, pet, or cuddle her. That sly devil.

Next we have this beautiful specimen of a cat named Sylvia. At least, that's how I think her name is spelled. She's never corrected me. Sylvia lives in a beautiful house out toward Dalzell, SC with her pets, Cindy and William James. I'm sure you can tell by looking at her expression and her fine white coat that she is, indeed, the queen of her domain. Sylvia is a friendly cat, but I'm not going to lie to you. Even she doesn't like me much. Last time I saw her, she let me pet her for a while, and then she threatened to bite me if I didn't leave her alone.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed some spinsterly cat time today. I know that just looking at these fatnesses has made me feel a little better.

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