The Birthday Fairy

Today's post will be short and sweet just like my sister, Rachel. Today, you see, is Rachel's birthday, and no one deserves a happy birthday more than she does.

My cousin Ann Miller always says Rachel gets a fast pass to heaven, and if anyone gets that, I think Rachel probably does. By my count, Rachel and her husband have lived in 5 towns in 8 years, and they are loved by all in each one. And now they have just the cutest little baby I ever thought about eating for a snack.

When Rachel and I were little, on the morning of our respective birthdays, the birthday fairy would come visit before we awoke, leaving a trail of glitter and balloons in her wake. The Birthday fairy, also known as our mom, is at Rachel's house this year for her birthday, and I know she will make it extra glittery and fun. When she's not there, though, my sister's husband makes sure the birthday fairy comes because he's pretty great, too.

So, you'll all have to excuse this silly, gushy post this morning. I just wanted to let my sister know that I hope she has the best birthday and enjoys some glitter nail polish and at least one cupcake.

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

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