This Spinster's Uniform

In the "Spinsters I Know and Love," series, one of my questions was "What's your uniform?" Today, I thought I'd share mine via a quick sketch I made while watching Law and Order: SVU last night. I mean, what else did you think I was going to do on a Friday night?

My uniform is pretty much what I wear seven days a week for all of fall and winter. It's versatile, it's comfortable, and you can dress it up or down...or at least you can try.

1. A Bun: One of the good things about getting older is figuring out your hair. After much experimentation, I have got my technique down to a science. My hair works best on a two day cycle: the first day is wet in a bun, and the second day is pretty waves that are a product of the bun. The best way is to wash  my hair at night, and sleep with it in a bun, but sometimes when I do this I forget to reset the bun and go to work with spinster sleep hair. Not so good.

2. Glasses: I'm fairly blind without my glasses. I need them for everything from eating to driving to going to the movies. I used to wear contacts, but glasses are more comfortable for the old 12-hour work day, so glasses it is! I prefer plastic frames to metal ones, but I'll thank you not to hold me to that when fashions chane.

3. A Cardigan: Layering is of the utmost importance to me. My favorite cardigan is an oatmeal-colored one I got from H&M maybe three years ago that my mom monogrammed with my initials. Aside from the cuteness, though, temperature regulation is key.The worst feeling in the world is when you feel that heat creeping from behind your ears down your back and up through your feet, and you can't do anything about it. At least when you layer, you can peel or wrap yourself as many times as you like throughout the day.

4. Knitwear: I like to wear some form of tee shirt just about every day. Usually, they're black and from Urban Outfitters. Mostly, though, my store choice there is just because UO offers a 2-for-1 deal.

5. Jade Bangle: This is my second Jade Bangle as I broke the first one falling down the steps in my apartment. That was quite a shock. The one I wear now I bought in Chinatown, inspired by a former manager who wore one she couldn't take off. I never take mine off if I can help it, and this way I'm always wearing jewelry. It makes me a little fancier than I would be otherwise.

6. Straight Leg Joe's Jeans. These are so comfortable, so I wear them all the time. My sister had a pair when she was pregnant and told me all about how great they were, and then my cousin Katie sold me my first pair. Now I'm hooked.

7. Fun Socks: At one time I was a pretty prolific boys' and girls' sock designer. I designed really crazy, colorful, patterned socks in coordinating 3 packs, and I loved it. As a result, I have a lot of socks I love that are maybe jut a tiny bit too small. But I love to wear them anyway.

8. Low top Laceup Vans: I used to wear Vans slip ons, but last summer I really just had to have a pair of dark blue laceup vans with the thick white sole, white topstitching, and white laces. These are just good basic sneakers, and I never worry about getting caught in the rain in them. Always a plus.

So, my friends, that's my uniform. It may be unremarkable, but it's mine! What are your favorite everyday pieces?

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