Tuesday: Tales from this weekend.

Necklaces at Bendel's

Generally you make a weekend recap post on a sunday night or a monday morning. But nope. Now that you're over the Monday hump, we're going to talk about my spinsterly weekend, complete with a pictorial. (I'll be honest. You just need to look at the photos. They're kind of the whole point)

Friday Night: Left work, went to Lord and Taylor to buy some Bobbi Brown, and the girl asked if she could do my eye makeup. I mean, come on. Did she even have to ask? She could call me at home, and I'd show up to let her paint my whole face with eyeshadow. So, that was amazing.
Next stop: Bendel's. I walked from Lord and Taylor to Henri Bendel and allowed myself to be stopped by another makeup counter lady. And I let her do my makeup again. So what? It was awesome. And then someone else stopped me, and I let them do my makeup, too. That's right. Three coats, and I loved them all in their own special way.
     Then I went upstairs and checked out all the fabulousness and, of course, I snuck some photos of the jewelry. AND, I had the pleasure of meeting Maxwell and Anthony of Pin Ups who design fascinators, turbans, hats, and hair accessories. And one of them was from Savannah! I love to meet a fellow southerner.

After that: I checked out (and photographed) the windows at Bergdorf's, and they were awesome. Then, of course, I came home and was lazy for the rest of the night.

Key from Saturday's package
Brownies and sweet tea for breakfast
Saturday: Really spinstered out. I picked up a beautiful package from the wonderful proprietress of www.jillhiggins.com which included a beautiful painting by her cherub of a son, as well as a hand made button-cross and a custom key to my house in South Carolina. Very exciting.

Then I made Brownies, and I ate one. And I also watched Young AdultLars and the Real Girl, and Hick, all worth watching on Netflix. And also there was some sweet tea involved.

Pat writes out her chicken recipe
And then I ate Brazillian food and saw The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. And that was hilarious.

Sunday: Yoga with the ladies, followed by some delicious Ramen and then peanut butter gelato. Aaaand...that's actually all the photos I have for you. 
Post Yoga Ramen


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