I was in "Meet a Glipher!"

Yesterday was very exciting for me. Not only did I tell Ryan Gosling it wasn't going to work out via blog post, but I was also featured in Glipho's "Meet a Glipher" Series. I'm pretty excited.

Glipho is a new social publishing site with a really fun way to interact with content. I was going to try to explain it, but just check out their brand new infographic here: http://glipho.com/team/infographic-glipho-social-blogging

Now, The "Meet a Glipher" series introduces the Glipho community to individual bloggers, or "Gliphers," by way of an emailed interview and a photo. However, since most of my posts are illustrated, they asked me to do a little illustration of my self as well. I sent them two options, and to the left you'll find the one they didn't choose. But since I had already done it, I decided I should use it today anyway. Ok, so it's a bit romanticized. Isn't that a good reason to illustrate yourself, though?

Anyway, check out the #Meetaglipher post here: http://glipho.com/team/meetaglipher-myrna-minx-spnstrhddiaries


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