Peanut Butter Toast

I'm a firm believer that there's no wrong or right way to do a lot of things. There is often, however, a best way. And today, that's what we're talking about. The best way to make peanut butter toast. I've put a lot of thought into this over the years, and I think you can only benefit from my experience.

Firstly, I like to get a bread that's going to provide maximum crunch once toasted. I find multi-grain and wheat breads do this best. My favorite is Arnold Healthy Multi-Grain. It's delicious and hearty. That is all.

Second, choose your peanut butter. I've always been a Jif girl, and anything else tastes weird to me. Though I usually buy creamy peanut butter, today's photo is of a bit of crunchy, as I just needed something a little extra special today. You know, extra protein and all.

Now to the toasting. You need to figure out your toaster and its settings, which i'm sure you have. I have a cute Pylones toaster, and you must make your toast on the highest setting to get the appropriate golden-brown shade and texture. While your bread is toasting, though, you should prepare yourself as the next steps are key. Take the lid off your peanut butter, and ready your knife and plate for the moment that toast pops up.

When your toaster dings, take one piece out, and leave the other in so it can stay warm. It's important to spread the peanut butter while the toast is still warm as the melty texture of the peanut butter delivers the maximum satisfaction. Once you've sufficiently coated one piece, then take the other out of the toaster and repeat. 

Now, get back in bed, and eat that toast while the peanut butter is still melted. That's delicious, right?

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