Some Drawings

So a couple of weekends ago I went to one of my favorite places in the city: Dick Blick. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of visiting a Blick store or website, it's awesome. It's a huge art supply store, and they have all kinds of stuff. The physical locations are a little light on actual craft supplies, but that's what Michael's is for anyway.

The Blick in Noho is two stories, and it has recently been rearranged. The top floor has all the canvases, paint, brushes, other painting supplies, chalk, pastels, pencils, and markers. The bottom floor has printmaking supplies, framing supplies, portfolios, crafts, and all the paper, rulers, and drafting tools. In short, for someone like me, the whole store is like a deliciously jam-packed candy store. I could really be in there for hours. But of course, most of the "candy" in this store would be incredibly toxic if ingested.

I went in there two weeks ago, though, to pick up some new Chartpak Ad markers, because as you may know, I use mine a lot. I have a tendancy to run out of buff, beige, and pale flesh the fastest, soon followed by pale lime and ice blue. But of course I needed to have a stroll around the store. And on my stroll, I found neon colored pencils. And they were four dollars, so of course i bought them. and also the markers for which I'd come.

So what does a spinster do on a Monday night? Watch TV and draw, of course! Last night was the first night I tried out any of the new non-replacement colors I bought, and so I thought for today's post I'd just share my little doodle sketches. Unfortunately, my scanner does not like neon colors, and I'm not good enough at photo shop to figure out how I can make neons apper when they're pretty much grey in the original scan. But oh well. You can still see them. Just imagine that the bags are grey with neon pop colors.


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