The Treasury of Kittens

Yesterday I had a five-hour meeting at work that required a beak for me to get a coke around hour three. When I stopped by my desk for a dollar, I saw I had an unexpected package! My dear friend Ellen had included a "happy spring" note, saying that the enclosed book was from a real spinster in her family, and she'd also included a little flower-shaped tea bag holder. If you're a tea-drinking spinster like I am, you know how important that is to your life.

I ripped open the package to find something that left me speechless with glee. A vintage book entitled The Treasury of Kittens is now in my possession. The girl who sits behind me asked what I'd gotten, saying, "you look so excited right now."And excited I was. And Am. So this morning, I wanted to share some photos from the book with you. Because I think it's only fair.

Now that you're potentially kitten-logged, I'll remind you of one of the greatest gems Youtube has ever brought into my life. Ladies and Gentlemen, "Kittens Inspired by Kittens." You're welcome.

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