Today's the Day! I'm getting Hypnotized

As I've mentioned before, I'm a bit messy. I've been neatness-challenged for as long as I can remember. I just hate that no matter how well you clean something, it never stays clean. It's never done, which is frustrating.

But other people seem fine with - some even enjoy - cleaning. And the fact that I get so many comments about my desk at work really makes me quite a bit self-conscious. I just get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I need to file, fold, or put away.

So, here I am, nearing thirty, and I still can't pick up after myself. I mean, I could, but I never do. And it seems a little faux pa to get a maid for my desk. I mean, everyone else seems to be able to manage it.

The girl who sits next to me at work, though, saw a hypnotist to stop smoking. She had a cigarette ready to go for when she left, she says, but she threw it away as soon as she stepped out of the hypnotist's office and never looked back. She didn't want to smoke anymore.

So, after much careful consideration and a visit from my mother for the express purpose of re organizing and cleaning my apartment, I have decided to see a hypnotist about my tidiness issue. And today's the day! I really hope it works, but I will be sure to share the details with you tomorrow morning!

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