A Monday Sketch

So, it's Monday, and we're all going back to work. But this weekend was so beautiful, it got me to thinking about going to the beach. I never go to the beach, and when I do go, I certainly don't go here in New York. South Carolina all the way. In fact, a lot of people have been asking me about Charleston, SC lately. All I can say is, "go." You should go because it's wonderful. It shames the beaches in New York. All the beaches in South Carolina do...except maybe Myrtle Beach. If Myrtle Beach is all you know of South Carolina, please, please try a different beach next time. You will love it.

I mean, there are some good things about Myrtle Beach. For example, it's the only place I've ever been able to go shopping inside of a shark's mouth. There is no shortage of beach towels featuring scantily clad ladies, and I'm pretty sure you can still find rebel flag bikinis there at Wings and/or Eagles...if that's what you're into. You can also get a good look at some very leathery-looking bikini-wearing old ladies if you're jonesing for that. I'm fairly sure I've seen more that one octogenarian who would have referred to herself as a "bronzed goddess," wearing a metallic bikini with a shock of cottony-looking white hair. Delish.

But today I just wanted to have a classier-looking sketch of something a bit more trendy here in the magazines, blogs, and online shopping I've been doing. For this summer I've been seeing a lot of what they call "beach corsettes," a bikini top that is a bit longer without being a "tankini," as well as higher-waisted swim bottoms. Punch it up with a fun Jelly tote to keep books, magazines, and towels dry. I mean, if you really needed to, you could top this all off with an airbrushed tee shirt featuring a lady's bikini body. No one has to know you have good taste. And, if you're anything like me, you'll be sporting some cat stuff somewhere anyway.

Happy Monday!

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