A Spinster's Dream Diary

As a spinster, I get a lot more sleep than your average lady. I mean, unless I'm working, drawing, or eating, what else am I doing? Sleeping, that's what. But, for as long as I can remember, I've had the weirdest dreams. Anything that I've been thinking about during the day will definitely find its way into my nighttime thoughts, especially if it's terrifying or weird. I actually can't watch scary movies at all if I want to get any sleep within the next week.

So, this week, I decided I would record my dreams daily just for kicks. As far as I can tell, none of them have any real meaning, but they are pretty funny and random. So...here they are! I hope you find them as strange as I did.

Monday, 05.20.2013: Last night I dreamed my mom said my face looked like a Bill Cosby mask.

Tuesday, 05.21.2013: I dreamed last night that I bit someone's thumb while we were thumb wrestling, and it bled. Then I dreamed I was at work, and our meetings consisted of cleaning toy trains. Cleaning toy trains, in this case, was like cleaning your ears with a bobbi pin in that the trains were full of earwax, and I was actually cleaning them with a bobbi pin.

Wednesday, 05.22.2013: Last night I dreamed I was in line to report myself for not wearing a hat at military school when I looked at a mirror on the wall, and realized I was Rebel Wilson. And also my parents had three identical houses right next to each other.

Thursday, 05.23.213: Last night I dreamed I was a prisoner in North Korea. North Korea, though, looked surprisingly like an abandoned car dealership.

Friday, 05.24.2013: The only dream I remember from last night was that I was out of face wash. I checked in the shower this morning, though, and I still have about half a bottle left. So it was a dream.

Saturday, 05.25.2013: Last night I dreamed I was friends with Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars. Every morning we would do a little competitive swimming, but I always tried to act like it wasn't that big a deal to me if I won or not. But it was totally a big deal.

Happy Memorial Day!

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