Friday Fun! I've learned how to make Gifs

So, today I just want to have a fun post about something fun I learned to do this week. With all my spinster time, sometimes I like to do a little research on something I'd like to know about. This week, I wanted to learn how to make .gif files.

According to my google search, "GIF" stands for "Graphic Interchange Format." I had no idea. The main thing here is that they're these little animated images that run on a loop, and Buzzfeed uses them all the time to get to the core of either my soul or the ultimate cuteness. Either way, I'm all in. And then, of course there's the classic spinster tumblr, #myfriendsaremarried. Gets me every time. I can't even look away. I have to keep clicking the "older" button.

So, since I've been working on a photoshop journey of late, I thought this was a logical next step. I found this tutorial online, and I pretty much just followed it and then started playing around. First I did a couple of celebrity photos and made them into gifs in the usual way. You know, making a young tight-panted Rod Stewart say "I want to hold you till I die," or making sad Phil Collins say, "you're the only one who really knew me at all." But then, I thought "Oh! I should make GIFs out of some of my favorite illustrations! So that's what I did.
The first Gif in this post is one of my very favorite illustrations I've done for this blog. I think it pretty much encompasses what I look like and how I am in real life. The moving hand only enhances the reality of this. I mean, what spinster doesn't want to look just like James Franco in Spring Breakers? I surely don't know.

The second image is from when I did the "A Real Fashion Designer," series, and I wish I had known how to make GIFs then because I think this really completes what I'm trying to say with this illustration:

The Next one just made more sense with the crazy eyes. I wish I had known how to make the nostrils flare, too, because that would really have made it complete. 

And lastly, because I just really love kittens, I made a kitten GIF. When I showed it to one of my friends, she said, "this describes how I feel pretty much all the time." Me too, girl. Me too. 
Happy Friday everyone!

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