Spinster DIY: Tassel necklace

One of my favorite accessories trends this season is the oversized Tassel necklace. This seemed to be a big trend at Coachella this summer, and Bendels has the cutest beaded version. So, I've taken it upon myself to make my very own! Don't worry. I'm a professional.

What you'll need:
1. Scissors
2. A piece of cardboard about 4" x 4".
3. 2 packs of embroidery floss - same color or two different colors.
4. A needle (optional - sometimes this  makes it harder as the beads' openings are too small)
5. Clear Beading Thread. Make sure it's strong enough.
6. Cotton Cording - You'll only need about 6"
7. Assorted Beads

What to do:
1. Open both packs of embroidery floss. With your thumb, hold down one end of each pack on the 4" cardboard square.
2. Wrap both packs of embroidery thread around the cardboard until there is only about 4" to 5" left of each. Clip the excess and save.
3. While the Embroidery thread is still on the cardboard, slip your finger between the thread and the board. You want to make sure you keep the loop in tact when you remove the thread from the cardboard.

4. With your finger still between the cardboard and the thread, gingerly slide the loop of thread off of the cardboard.
5. With your hand still inside the loop of thread, take the excess thread you cut from wrapping the cardboard and tightly double knot it so that you still have the same loop, but now there is a knot there.

6. Take your hand out of the loop, and hold the loop so that the new double knot is at the top. This will be the top of your tassel.

7. Take the cotton cording and, with your thumb, hold down one end about 1/2" from the top of the tassel. Tightly Wrap the cording around the tassel so that the end is secure and hidden.

8. Once you have wrapped the tassel the amount you want, secure the bottom end with a very tight knot or two. I like to do two just in case. When you feel like it is very secure, trim the end.

9. With your scissors, cut the loop at the bottom. Trim the ends so that they are even and straight.

10. Measure a length of beading thread by placing it around your neck at the length you would like the beaded portion to be. I made mine around 35". You'll want to make sure you cut a little extra as you'll have to tie a couple of knots.

11. With your needle, thread the beading thread through the top of the tassel. I like to do this diagonally under a few of the embroidery threads at the top of the tassel, under the double knot. Once you've evened out the ends of your beading thread, double knot it so they'll stay even while you're beading.

12. Put the ends of your beading thread together and put one large bead on both of them. This helps to make the flow from tassel to beads easier and makes the necklace lay better. Don't forget to trim the ends of the embroidery thread double knot!

13. Add your assorted beads on either side of your necklace now in any combination you'd like! I like to do different little pieces of pattern throughout, but you can use just a random layout or even all the same beads! 

14. Once you're finished beading, make sure you've left a few inches on either end of your beading thread because you'll need to tie a knot. If you want to be extra save, you can even add a couple of crimp beads before you tie the knot. I don't usually do that because it stops the flow, but if your necklace should come untied, your beads won't fall off! Whatever you decide to do, double, triple, or quadruple knot your beading thread ends, and voila! you've got yourself a snazzy tassel necklace!

15. Now, put it on, and wear it! And let me know how many compliments you get!

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