Spinster Friday Night

I'm writing this entry on friday night in hopes I'll actually sleep in tomorrow morning. Also, in the subway tonight, I saw a woman who had a buzz cut with a man who had long hair. I needed to tell someone.

Today I wore the outfit I've illustrated to the Left. No, I didn't get bangs, but I just wanted to draw them that way. I'm trying to teach myself to sketch in photoshop, and as you can tell, my skills aren't quite up to par with my hand drawing skills yet.

This outfit consists of one three wolf moon tee shirt from TheMountain.com, One pair of teal ankle-length corduroys from the gap, and my light coral moccasins from Coach which I've worn every day since I bought them. And now we'll talk about what I've done (re: eaten) today in this outfit.

I went to work and had a really thick piece of pizza for lunch in Grand Central Station, because I actually think Grand Central is fun. Not sure why. After work, I was pretty sure I needed a peanut butter and jelly doughnut from The Doughnut Plant. So I walked myself down to 23rd street and took care of that. And it was amazing. Then, a short improv show, and I was off to feed my friends Natalie and Dave's Cat, Leandra. I didn't eat her, but I could have. I really could have.

On the way back from Natalie and Dave's, I decided to give into an urge that's been gnawing at my very soul for weeks now. I went to McDonald's. Don't judge me. It was delicious. I ate it on my sofa without any pants on while I watched an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras. And you know what? There's nothing I'd rather have done with this friday night.

Bonus: tomorrow I get a new fridge. Happy saturday!

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