Surprise Portrait: Becky C of Diamonds in the Library

Surprise! I've done another surprise portrait. Today's portrait is of one of my favorite bloggers, Becky C of Diamonds in the Library. Becky blogs about both fabulous fine jewelry and books she's recently read. In addition to Diamonds in the Library, which you can also find on Glipho, Becky contributes to Book Riot with her excellent input on her literary adventures.

I chose to do today's surprise portrait in Adobe Illustrator after Rachel Monte asked whether I preferred Photoshop or Illustrator more. I use Illustrator every day at work, and I would say that is where my real proficiency lies when it comes to Adobe, but I have really been enjoying learning all the fun things you can do with Photoshop as well. And, as a special treat, I wanted to do a little combo piece today for the surprise portrait. As you can see below, I've added some diamonds to this photo and made it into an animated .gif! Becky, you're the first!

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