Surprise Portrait Bonus: Chloe Grech

Surprise! It's an extra surprise portrait! Today I'd like to introduce you to one Miss Chloe Grech. Chloe is a blogger I've been reading on Glipho, and I love her posts. She finds the weirdest, coolest things to talk about. Sunday afternoon I read a post she wrote about old IMac computers being made into little habitats for your cat. Obviously I loved that, especially since it had photos included.

Chloe is a fashion graduate in the UK, and she has demonstrated some cool design skills in quite a few of her posts. You can check out her blog posts here.

I think I did a little better on the hair this time, but I have to be honest and say I don't know that I really captured Chloe.  However, I haven't met Chloe in person, so who can say?

Happy Tuesday to all of you and Chloe! 

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