5 Reasons Running at 5 am is Awesome

If you had asked me in college or, really, any time before I started doing it, I would have said running at 5 AM was for crazy people. Now, I think it's a pretty good idea. And here's why:

1. You've got the place to yourself
         At 5 AM, there's no one there to see you jiggling and heaving out there in all your red-faced glory. But even if you are in better shape than I am, there is a real peacefulness to having an otherwise bustling neighborhood or city all to yourself in the damp quiet of the morning. That, and you pretty much never have to wait at an intersection to cross the street.

2. You're awake for your shower
          A lot of people take a shower to wake up in the morning, but already being awake before you hop under the water has some real benefits. For one, you're less likely to shave only one leg. For another, you'll probably remember to take off all your clothes before you get in.

3. It's not hot yet
          In the summer, sometimes it is just too hot to live. If you go running any time after 9 from June to the beginning of September, you feel like you're running through the inside of a down comforter, cutting trails in the thick heat. In the morning, it's cooler, and sometimes there's even a nice dew. Additionally, a lot of people run their sprinklers in the morning, and you can run through them if you want.

4. You can eat breakfast
          Technically, if you're running, you should be eating a smart diet to really maximize the effects of the exercise. However, after  a good three mile run, if you want a bagel, you can eat one without shame, and that is a beautiful thing.

5. You don't have to do it after work.
          When I was running in the evenings, I found myself getting more and more frustrated with my coworkers. If a meeting ran over, I was just sitting there thinking, "this is actually making me fat." Now, I get it done before work, and not only am I much more relaxed at work, but I also have more time to myself in the evenings I can use on really important things like watching every episode of Law and Order, Toddlers and Tiaras, or potentially just more cyst lancing.

So if you haven't been running in the morning, if nothing else, think of all those sprinklers you can run through and all those bagels you can eat. Those two alone are reasons to try it at least once.

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