A Date: American Psycho Style

For lack of a better, less terrifying, and still unread option, I purchased a copy of Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho in the airport bookstore friday morning. As such, I shall proceed to tell you about this   date I had last night American Psycho style. Spoiler alert: I did not kill or torture him....except with my personality.

Today I wore a Banana Republic shirt dress with princess seams in a navy foulard print that was almost old enough to be called vintage, my trusty Coach Legacy Bag, a Vera Bradley wallet, my jade bracelet, oval Morganite and rose gold studs, an Oval Morganite and Diamonds in Rose Gold Ring, Caramel colored ombre Anne Klein New York prescription glasses, and grey leather peep toe double kiltie slingback No. 6 clogs. Underwear by Gap Body.

I walked, carrying my Duane Reade brand umbrella ($9 on a rainy day at the Steinway Street Duane Reade), to 44th street between fifth and sixth to Gregory's where we were to meet for tea. My date was late and carrying an orange Jamba Juice. He was, by all accounts, shorter than I was in my No. 6 clogs, and was wearing khaki cargo shorts, a white tee shirt with "summer football league" printed in orange and black (most likely the free tee shirt from an actual summer football league), Running shoes with white quarter top socks, a navy and black backpack, and an oxidized silver cross necklace whose chain was about three inches too long and whose charm was about 25% too larger, and whose existence was altogether questionable at best. Of course, I overlooked all of this as he seemed to be a nice enough guy and was a 99% match on the online dating site.

As is my way, I talked too much about myself and Adobe Illustrator. I had the medium black tea with sugar which I bought myself, and we sat at a small circular marble table where I struggled to make eye contact due to my constant searching for correct vocabulary. The date ended with his looking at his watch and saying he had to go. It was pouring rain, and my clogs got drenched.

I took the M train from the 42nd street stop by Bryant Park and ate an Amy's vegetarian lasagna when I got home while I typed this post and watched Season 5, Episode 1 of Mad Men. I watched it on Netflix, so I don't have to return any video tapes.

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