Obsession Confession

I think we can all agree that Google is one of the greatest things created in my lifetime. I love Googling. In fact, at work it's a joke that I should have Googling on my resumé because they think I have a finely honed skill. But let's be real here. You don't need a special skill to find stuff on Google. That's why it's so amazing. 

However, Google isn't directly what we're talking about today. A few months ago, I had the burning need to know what, exactly, is all that stuff inside of pimples. Upon researching, I found out that it's this stuff called Sebum. And then, upon searching further I found out that some of the worse blemishes become infected and are something called Sebaceous cysts. Grody. 

The other day I was talking to someone about the Punch in the Box idea, and I misheard my friend saying, "you should send photos of fists," thinking she said "you should send pictures of cysts." Disgusting. But of course I had to google it. Pictures of cysts are foul.

You wanna know what's worse, though? YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF DRAINING CYSTS! So disgusting but also somehow wildly satisfying. I would link to a video here, but there are so many. That, and I am afraid you'd be thoroughly disgusted. However, a lot of the videos had over a million views. So...maybe you will want to watch them. I may or may not have watched quite a few over the weekend. Don't judge me. This is why I live alone. 

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