Reasons It's Good to be a Spinster

I wilted in the oppressive heat of a concrete summer yesterday on my run, but the battle against the chunk sitch rages on. Today, I try a new yoga studio. Fingers and toes crossed it is air conditioned.

Before I proceed with today's post, I would just like to say that New York is ridiculous in the summer. Not everyone has enough air conditioning, and I just don't understand. It gets real hot here. Why isnt' it mandatory here that everyone have central air conditioning like they do in the south?

Anyway, on the train ride back from Friday night's barbecue, one of my favorite spinsters and I discussed all the reasons we were glad to be riding the train home together as two single ladies. So, below is this weekend's list of reasons it's great to be a spinster as mostly thought of by Alexandra Lubensky.

1. You can leave a party whenever you want without having to ask anyone.
2. You can fall asleep however you like (I like to sleep with my TV on and of course the foot fan, and Alex likes her noise machine.)
3. You can strip down to your underwear as soon as you get in the door and stand in front of the air conditioner.
4. You can eat frozen dinners all week long without having to be embarrassed.
5. You don't have to shave as much.
6. On the weekend, you can wear makeup or not wear makeup at your own discretion. Bonus: you can also take it off whenever you want.
7. You don't have to do a scan of your apartment before you walk in to make sure there are no underwear or other lady things lying about.
8. You can wake up at 6AM on the weekend if you want to and go running...or not.
9. You can read on the train instead of trying to be social with your train partner.
10. You can wear your Halloween underwear all year round.

So, in case you were feeling down about being a spinster today, don't worry. You're in charge of everything, and that's nice.

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