Spinstering in LA: A Recap

This past weekend was my first trip to Los Angeles, California, and I loved it. The weather was beautiful, and the water pressure in my hotel room's bathroom was so good I thought it was combing my hair for me. We stayed at the Hollywood Standard, and my room (like,  I think all rooms there, maybe) had its own little balcony. I love that. However, rather than detailing every moment of my work trip (you'd be bored), I'm just going to detail out what I think are the five most important things that happened on this trip.

1. I had a Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake.
          The food at the Standard, both here in New York and in California, is known to be delicious. So, when I saw the milkshake on the room service menu after a long day of shopping and secretively photographing items of clothing on the floors of dressing room, I decided it was just what the doctor ordered for a dinner eaten over writing an end-of-day report to my boss. Let me tell you, I was right. It was one of the best milkshakes I've ever had.

2. I saw a Raccoon Fairy.
          At least, I think it was a raccoon. Saturday morning, having the benefit of jet lag on my side, I rose at 6 am California time (that's 9 am New York time) and went for a run down Santa Monica Boulevard, back up Melrose Avenue, ending in quite the strenuous climb up a hill on La Cienega to get back to Sunset Boulevard. In the excellently cool morning air, running down Melrose, I passed the window of Blu Dot, where I saw the awesome raccoon fairy pictured above. Pretty awesome.

3. I discovered Fred Segal isn't the name of a store.
          So, everyone always talks about how great Fred Segal is for shopping, so I had just always assumed it was a store. Apparently, though, Fred Segal is just the name of a real estate property, and the store is different at each location. The store we shopped was called Ron Herman. Who knew?

4. I bought a top.
          When I was in college, one summer I went to Penland School of Crafts (totally worth going if you ever get the chance.) One of the girls in my weaving class was from Los Angeles, and she worked at a store called Creatures of Comfort. She was cool, and so I checked out the website. We have one in New York, but I've never been. However, while shopping What Katie Did for work, I saw Creature of Comfort was open. What a super cool store. I snuck a lot of photos and bought a top. Hooray! But I lost my sunglasses. Boo.

5. I went to Rose Bowl.
          Rose Bowl flee market was one of our biggest plans for the trip, and it did not disappoint. I was only sad I was so far from home because there were so many ceramic cats, and I wanted them all. I feel like that's what a spinster should have in her home. I must return.

I'm writing this post Monday evening, and I am so sleepy. My flight got in at 1 AM last night, and I am going to pass out. Sorry for the lack of illustration! Tomorrow the drawings shall return!

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