Tacky Wedding Dresses

On road trips to the beach growing up, we passed long stretches of vacant land, occasionally spotted by an abandoned shack or run down and roofless cinder block house with tall grass taking over its inside. This, of course, eventually gave way to the "that's your house" discussion, where we all pointed out what we thought were the worst accommodations, saying they were the abode of our seat neighbor.

With wedding season upon us, of course I have re-appropriated this game to be something more approprate. Namely, "that's your dress." As such, one of my very favorite new Google image searches is "tacky wedding dresses." Go ahead. Google it. You're in for a treat.

Today, as a very special wedding season treat, I've decided to illustrate two of my very favorite hideous dresses as if they were actually legitimate options. The first is a really heinous strapless dress you can of which you can find an image here. Surprisingly, I found more than one woman who decided this was THE dress for her special day. Yikes. The second is a sassy little number that is basically halter top unitard. You can find an image here. Nice, right? I thought you'd like it.

Well, now that you, too, have discovered all of these awesomely horrendous wedding gowns, I'll leave you to it. If you find a really terrible one, I'm going to need to know about it.

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