Taylor Swift is my Spirit Animal

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When I lived in the village, my roommate used to refer to Taylor Swift as "Fetus Face." Not having listened to much Taylor Swift, I didn't fight for her honor. Now, though, I know better. When I heard "We Are Never Getting Back Together," I knew Taylor was my girl. And really, I think she might be every girl's girl. So, below you'll find the five reasons I think Taylor Swift embodies the spirit I'd like to see in myself and is thus my spirit animal.

1. She dates all the good looking fellows, and then she complains about it when they break up.
          Every girl wants to do this when she has a particularly bad breakup or any breakup at all, but we all know it's particularly taboo if we ever want to date anyone again. Taylor Swift, though, writes about it, sings about it, and everyone wants to listen. Homegirl says what we're all thinking but believe we're not allowed to say. AND, she still gets dates with all the eligible bachelors. After all she can just chalk it all up to R&D for her next album.

2. She wants to get married, and she's not afraid to admit it...to everyone.
          Taylor Swift isn't tryna pretend she doesn't believe in marriage. In fact, I want to say she mentions  marriage in, like, half of her songs. In this day and age, it takes a real woman to admit she's into that since almost every guy I know is ambivalent at best. And, of course, you know I'm saying that because I believe in marriage, too.

3. She writes her own songs:
          Taylor Swift isn't just a pretty face with a pretty voice. She's creative, skilled, and an excellent performer. And the songs she writes have the real, girly truth in them, not what we think we should think. What we actually think. She's impassioned, hyperbolic, and she clearly gets ahead of herself in her internal monologue. And what girl do you know that doesn't put the cart before the horse at least once every thirty seconds?

4. Her hair looks great both natural and straight.
          Taylor swift has excellent naturally curly hair, and of course she did that for a while. Then, to everyone's surprise, she went straight and got those awesome bangs. Both are excellent hair looks. And also, she has great legs and apparently an amazing stylist. I have yet to see her in a bad outfit.

5. She's not one of the cool kids.
          I'm not one of the "cool kids," so of course Taylor Swift's songs about being a dork or being undesirable or being picked on or being unknown by the "cool kids," make me feel like she's my soul sister. The fact that she has had some seriously awkward moments in her career makes her even more lovable (re: the Kanye West debacle and the feud with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler). As much s I love Tina Fey, I have to say I can totally relate to her getting really upset about something and maybe saying something she shouldn't have. Haven't we all?

So, the next time you need to listen to the melodic musing of a girl who knows how you feel, think about my girl Taylor Swift. She gets it.

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