Top 5 Reasons It Was Good to Be a Spinster This Weekend

This weekend I did some real hard core spinstering, and I loved every minute. I did exactly what I wanted, and I didn't answer to anyone. And, after another rigorous week of all day meetings, that was exactly what I needed to do. So below are the reasons being a spinster was the best this weekend.

1. I did girly things with my Summer Friday.
          The job I have now is my first one with Summer Fridays, and boy, do I love them! Instead of having to do something unisex with my extra half a day, though, I went to Little Miss Matched, Tiffany's to see The Great Gatsby exhibit, and of course to Bendel's. Then I came home and fell asleep face down until 8pm, when I wondered what had happened. But I don't suppose that's really girly.

2. I went to the movies by myself.
          This, of course, is one of my favorite things about being a spinster. I not only went to see a movie  I didn't have to justify seeing (The Internship), but I also went in the middle of the day and didn't have to explain that either.

3. I was able to employ The Strategy.
          That's right. Even though I've been battling the Chunk Sitch, I found myself in dire need of some pizza saturday night. So, of course, I ordered the deal - two medium two-topping pizzas, and I didn't have to ask anyone else what kind of toppings they wanted.

4. I got in some serious reading time.
          I got to read on the train Friday afternoon, while drinking a milkshake friday evening, at lunch Saturday afternoon, and on the train to Brooklyn Sunday afternoon. Good thing there was no man to interrupt my disgust with Patrick Bateman.

5. No one was there to interrupt my laundromat nap.
          Yep. That happened. I fell asleep on my own lap at the Laundromat. Not even sure how that happened, but I'm not mad at it.

How could I have had such a magnificent spinsterly weekend if there were a man around, I ask you? Well, I couldn't have.

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