Another Wedding Season Post

My friend and former roommate Meredith was recently looking for some wedding shoes, and of course I had to do an extensive Google search to offer my advice. In my searches, though, I discovered the "wedding shoes" search on Etsy. Oh, my. I had no idea anything this...magnificent (?) existed.

To the left you'll find my own personal design for Meredith's Wedding. I think it'll go nicely with her Unicorn Unitard. But I assure you, this design has nothing on the links you're going to see below. Follow the links to a bizarre wonderland of the craziest shoes that I am 100% sure people wear to their weddings.

1. Ivory Pearl Wedding Shoes by Wedding Palace

2. Crystal Wedding Shoes by Paris XOX

3. New Colorful glass slipper diamond wedding shoes by Phone Case of Sophia

4. Sparkly Bridal Shoes by Bling Case 01

5. Luxury Heel Colorful Diamond Shoes by Apple Cell Phone

6. Wedding Cake Themed Wedding Shoes by Shoe Bakery

7. White Pearl Wedding Shoes by Phone Case of Sophia

8. New Crystal Lace Wedding Shoes by Wedding Palace

9. Custom Bling Heels by Wedding Palace

10. Luxury Colorful Crystal Shoes by Apple Cell Phone

Please note, however, that I have not done business with any of these sellers, so I cannot vouch for their validity. Since I know the first thing you're thinking about right now is how you can get your hands on #10.

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