Five Reasons it was Excellent to be a Spinster This Weekend

Happy First of July! This summer is already really getting away from me! I can't believe that in three days' time, I'll be on a plane to London to visit my friend Jenine and the Glipho team! But more on that later. Today's will be the regular Monday celebration of spinsterhood of the weekend past. Let's just get to it. These are the reasons it was excellent to be a spinster this weekend:

1. I put on my pajamas before 6pm on Friday and didn't change out of them until after 12 pm on Saturday afternoon. So good.

2. I went to see The Heat by myself and ate a bagel with chicken salad and tomato for lunch in the darkness of the theater.

3. I was able to work on a project for most of the weekend without any distraction except for Ira Glass's wonderful voice and the fascinating stories on This American Life.

4. I went to a party with my friend Alexandra where we had so much fun dancing, just us girls, with these crazy foam glow sticks on the rooftop of our friend Nathan's amazing apartment. I could talk more here about how jealous I am of his apartment, but that has nothing to do with how amazing it is to be a spinster, so...another time.

5. I finally played around with Instagram's new video feature by making some awesome ridiculous clips with Alex at the party as well as the above Laundry Day video. Needless to say, I'm obsessed. If I had been at that party with a guy, Alex and I probably never would have had so much fun with our video phones.

Aaaaand...there were more fun times, but I am still working on this project, so five will have to do!

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