Tee Shirt Week - Bathrobe Tech Pack

Day three of tee shirt week! Today's shirt is a bit of fashion geekery mixed with some serious spinster action. In fashion, when you are having a sample made at the factory, you send them what's called a tech pack. In the tech pack, there is a front and a back sketch of the garment, and those sketches are called "flats." The tech pack will include measurements and callouts describing how the factory should go about making the garment.

Today's tee shirt has a Bathrobe tech pack because, of course, as a spinster I'm a bathrobe dweller. However, since I haven't been an apparel designer in a few years, I'm going to assume there's some information missing. So, don't send this to the factory expecting a perfect sample to come back.

You can check out the Bathrobe Tech pack tee shirt here in the zazzle store so that, if it is your wish, you can wear your bathrobe even when you're not actually wearing a bathrobe, like at the gym.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more of tee shirt week on the Spinsterhood Diaries!

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