The Top 5 Things I did in London

Jenine's photo of an obscured spinster at the V&A Museum
Well, firstly, let me say I'm typing this entry on my 5-year-old macbook which I unfortunately spilled water on last night, and now it looks like there's a puddle in the screen. So. This post shall be short, I think, and unfortunately you'll only get photos again. So sorry. Well get this sorted.

Anyway, yesterday I shared some videos, and today I just want to talk about the five things I most enjoyed in London. The whole of London, of course, was amazing, but there were some things that I really, shall we say, fancied. So, below you'll find my list!

1. Fish and Chips
          In New York, I like to get my tacos from a bodega just around the corner. They're delicious, and I don't need all those frills. So, when on my first day in London, Jenine suggested we have fish and chips, I was all for it. When I saw where we were getting them, I was even more excited. Jenine took me to her favorite bodega-esque fish and chippery where she proceeded to argue with the man behind the counter about how hot the chips were. It was delightful. I felt like I was a real London girl. And then I drank a can of Guava Rubicon, and it was delicious. And so were the fish and chips.

2. Harrod's
          I think I probably talked enough about Harrod's in yesterday's post that you know I'm obsessed. There's really nothing in the US to which I could compare it. I can say, however, that I think if I lived in London, I'd go to Harrod's just to wander around, much like I do here in Bendel's.

3. Meeting the Glipho Team!!
          Since about mid January, I've been using Glipho, and it's been really fun. I feel like the team there pays attention to all their bloggers and what they're doing. In addition to that, though, the platform is super cool, and it helps build a community of readers who follow each other and each other's work.
           But, really, enough about the actual site! The people who actually work at Glipho are so much fun. Before the meetup, I got to visit their headquarters, a nice office in a building overlooking a sort of courtyard and with a view of some water. The meetup was at Queen of Hoxton, where we all stood around laughing and talking and eating some of the most delicious burgers I've ever had. (They had Chorizo mixed in.)
          I followed the Glipho to a second location where I couldn't stop immitating their accents, and they tolerated it quite well. I apparently and unfortunately suffer from that affliction of accidentally grafting the accents of others when I'm surrounded. I will tell you this, though, Maria Nichol's American accent is all but indistinguishable from an American's.
          We even went to a third location: Fabric London, a sort of techno club like what you see in the movies. It was huge, and it was so much fun. I only wish I hadn't been dressed like an old school teacher when we went. I think everyone thought I was someone's mom. But I still had fun.

4. Borough Market
          I can't even go into any more depth on this than I did in the last post. I could have eaten everything in that market. I really think I could have.

5. The National Portrait Gallery
          I have to say this may have been my favorite thing in London. As you may have guessed, I love portraits. Especially really nice ones. I could have been in that museum for a whole day, and it's not even that big. So many faces. I'm usually not a person who just stands there in front of a piece of art unless I'm just trying to rest my feet by sitting on the bench, but I think I could have looked at each piece in this museum in excess of an hour. But then, I just love portraits. That, and I'm pretty sure I look just like King George, III. This makes me wonder, though, as I'm pretty sure my sister looks just like George Washington. Maybe they were related???

In any case, there was a lot more that I saw and loved, but these were the tip top on my list. Honorable Mention goes to the V&A and Selfridges, without a doubt.

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