Awesome Cat Tees from Urban Outfitters

As a spinster, I'm always on the lookout for some excellent cat-related clothing. So, when I visited Urban Outfitters this weekend, I was overjoyed to find the store packed with cat related merchandise. What was strange, though, was that most of the cat-related merchandise was in the Men's department. What does this mean? Is there a new breed coming? Mansters, perhaps? The good news for me, though, is that men's tee shirts are ok for women to wear sometimes. So, today I present you the eight most awesome cat tees at Urban outfitters. Enjoy!

1. Cat Pocket Tee: For the subtler cat tee wearer.

2. All Over Cat Tank: For the exceptionally warm spinster.

3. Sup Cat Tee: For the Slightly Gangsta spinster.

4. Kitten Paws Muscle Tee: For the Spinster who needs a little extra print and graphic in there.

5. Kitten Mittons: For Spinsters who love It's Always Sunny

6. Astro Cat Muscle Tee: For the Spinster who's into astrology.

7. Meow You Doin: For the pun-loving spinster. (re: all of the spinsters.)

8. Paws: Again, for the Spinster who loves puns...but also the spinster who's into shark week.

...and then there's that cat at the bottom. I just liked that picture.

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