Desk Snacks: An Expert's Guide

Anyone who's ever had a desk job knows the joy of a good desk snack. And anyone who's ever eaten a snack at their desk knows the sadness of having to share that precious goodness. So, today I've made a list of the top five ways to avoid the ol' snack "sharers" (re: the takers) and enjoying your snack.

1. Eat something healthy:
          On monay of this week, I bought a big bunch of grapes. I ate a pretty large amount of them, but hardly anyone asked if they could have any. However, if I had really wanted to have my snack all to myself, I think something like cucumbers, celery, or carrots would really have done the trick. The only down side to this snack is that you have to eat something healthy a a snack...

2. Eat something you have to bite off of:
          Yeah, that title was kind of awkward. But, the truth is this: If you have something that's made of little pieces like a bag of chips or some peanut m&m's, people are more likely to ask if they can have some. If you're putting your hands and mouth all over, say, a snickers or a peach, n one's going to ask for a bite unless they were raised by wolves. And in that case, they probably wouldn't ask. They'd just grab it and run away.

3. Keep your snack in a secret drawer:
           A common place for desk snacks is the bottom desk drawer. This one is usually large enough to fit a regular sized bag of chips or a package of oreos. Don't put your snacks there. If you really want to throw scavengers off the scent, keep them inside another bag inside one of your slimmer drawers. One of my favorite desk snacks is Dove Chocolate. I like to take that out of the bag and put it in a zip-up cosmetics bag. People think there's medicine in there, probably. And, well, it is a kind of medicine now that I think of it.

4. Have a decoy snack:
          If you have a particularly precious snack you'd like to hoard, sometimes it can help to have a decoy snack. It can be a fine snack, appropriate for sharing, like jolly ranchers or peppermints. This way, people will take a piece or two without suspecting you have something more.

5. Become known as stingy:
          So, this should be your last resort, but it really does work quite well. If your coworkers know you hate to share, they're less likely to ask for some of your precious snackery. Sure, they'll think you're weird, but you'll have your snacks to comfort you.

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